How to Use Oscillating Tool to Cut Drywall

A multi-tool is the best type of oscillating tool to cut drywall, especially if you want a precise cut in much less time. You may need other drywall cutting tools and accessories to perfect the cutting later on. Whether you settle for the corded or cordless oscillating tool, you will still achieve the same results if you follow simple steps, but for the best results, you should also check the speed of the tool. Those with variable speeds often give you more flexibility in choosing the ideal speed based on the drywall type.

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Get Your Safety Gears and Choose the Right Blades

The first step towards cutting drywall with an oscillating tool is to wear your safety gloves and make sure you choose one with an extra-thick layer of protection. You must also consider a pair of goggles to protect your eyes. Go for shoes that wouldn’t conduct electricity, this will protect you if there is a leakage in the electrical line.

Choosing the right saw blade for your oscillating tool is important to avoid changing the entire procedure. There are two types of blades most suitable for cutting drywall, these are; straight and round blades. If you are planning to plunge cuts, you should go for the straight blades but the round blades will provide cleaner cuts. You must choose your blades according to the requirements.

Steps for Oscillating Tool Drywall Cutting

Now that you have sorted out the oscillating tool blade for the drywall issue, you need to measure and mark your cuts, with a pencil and a ruler. Fit the blade you have chosen into the oscillating multi-tool. You may want to consider the semi-circle blade for the cutting. If you don’t have a stable work surface, you should consider using a support system. This support system might be very helpful when cutting the drywall sheet.

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The next step is to power on the tool and starts cutting by following the marked lines initially made. When cutting, use a slow or pendulum motion to cut the drywall- this is the most effective way. The slow and pendulum cutting motions will slowly remove debris and dust along the cut line, giving you a finer cut. While cutting the drywall, pay attention to cutting markings and if the dust covers them, simply stop the cutting and wipe the dust before you resume the cutting.

The Final Thought

Using a powerful oscillating tool to cut your drywall saves time and energy, you still need to sand the edges to make the drywall smoother once the cutting is completed. An oscillating tool is often a beer and a more efficient functional tool than regular tools like a knife. Follow the simple steps highlighted above and you can get your drywall cut precisely. The Best Remodeling Tools Picked by offers more information on how to get the best from your oscillating tool. you should also read oscillating tools product reviews to have an idea of your best options for drywall cutting.


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