Would like to make a suggestion of a 'invisible warehouse' for the items that players get that they cannot yet use.

One of the biggest issues ive found starting a new server is that we still get all the events most other servers get and we get all the items for class advance and future usages that we are unlikely to reach for at least 3 or more months. These items come from hot events, magic pot, providence etc and fill up limited inventory space and guild inventory and portable warehouse (basically there are tons of these items and they fill up everything lol)

Since we actually CANNOT use or do anything with these items cant they be placed into a 'invisible storage' and mailed to us when we DO reach the level that can use them. this could maybe be a feature in settings, so that those who want to monitor their upcoming level items and have the space in their inventory can do so, while other players specially those starting first time dont get overly confused and inundated.

The issue i have found is that a few of the new players in our server have mentioned deleting these very important items becuase they dont have space (guilds are new so low space, portable warehouse is unbound balens only, even if a spender still running out of room lol) or loosing the items becuase they are stuck in mail and they cant accept them.

BTW i like the portable warehouse, keeps my clothing etc out of the way but easily accessed.

Rippi S93