Hello Wartune Community!

We have started our July 4 Celebrations with many special events and gifts!

Events start on 3rd July. And goes until 12th July (last day of exchange event).

We will hold Special Exchange events. You can take a part using two exchange items - Torch (basic special item) and Blood Stone (advanced special item).

- July 4 Celebrations multiple items exchange will allow you to exchange your Torches to widely used items and some special ones, such as Cancer clothing set and Darknite Panther mount card!

- Advanced exchange will be giving many amazing items such as - Steam Punk clothing set, Fire Phoenix mount card, and BRAND NEW Glittering clothing set AND Traveling Capybara mount card! Don't miss the opportunity to get these new valuable items! You can get them by exchanging Torches and Blood Stones together!

1. Torches you can get approximately 200 from free events. It will be always in the shop with a price of 35 balens.

2. Blood Stones you can get approximately 300 from free events. It will also be in the shop at the price of 100 balens.

3. Recharge and spend events will be giving a decent amount of exchange items as well.

Spend and recharge events will provide you with a variety of beautiful clothing sets and strong mounts, as well as other useful items for the character developing.

Moreover, do not miss out our Consecutive login event and daily login events! Celebration packages are waiting for you there.

Wartune Team wishes you all happy July 4 Celebrations and a lot of fun with the Special Events!