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Best Class analysis

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  • Best Class analysis

    Hi guys. I used to think the classes in Wartune were like Rock Paper Scissors when on an even playing (knight beats archer, archer beats mage, mage beats knight) but as I'm levelling up I'm noticing this is not the case. let's have a discussion as what we believe is the best pvp class and why.

    I am a mage who believes the most powerful class is knight and I've been having this debate with a friend that is a knight who believes the most powerful class is archer.

    I personally would like to see tweaks to skills to further the balancing of each class but lets first discuss why we feel those class's are imbalanced

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    Before i voice my opinion on the subject i would like to hear why you think knights are the strongest. For me mages are the besst pve and archers best pvp

    Originally posted by Ajentis View Post
    Hi guys. I used to think the classes in Wartune were like Rock Paper Scissors when on an even playing (knight beats archer, archer beats mage, mage beats knight) but as I'm levelling up I'm noticing this is not the case. let's have a discussion as what we believe is the best pvp class and why.

    I am a mage who believes the most powerful class is knight and I've been having this debate with a friend that is a knight who believes the most powerful class is archer.

    I personally would like to see tweaks to skills to further the balancing of each class but lets first discuss why we feel those class's are imbalanced


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      Thank you for your reply.

      Knight vs archer: knight wins
      With the basics that knights have high pdef and low Mdef and archers have medium scores of both defences, the knight will naturally surpass the archer. Where the archer improves with criticals, so too does the knight in block. There are many knight builds that focus on Patk and the ones that do dont cater to the knights greatest strengths which is its overwhelming support for hitpoints. Where an archer can delphic sniper for 50k, a knights block can nullify 25% of it and heal whilst ago ran shield can absorb the rest. I don't see a response in the archers arsenal to the knights 405% delphic destroyer other than incendiary

      Knight vs mage: knight wins
      With the 2 classes being pretty much the opposite it would appear to be an even match but where mages abilities pretty much focus around Matk it is their primary focus for development. With the majority of spells being area mages have the advantage to always being able to hit the knight past his troops and getting the early lead. Also with less emphasis needed on anything but Matk, they have ample space to refine equipment to improve on their weaknesses such as Pdef and HP. As the classes level and the skills get stronger, pvp boils down to 1vs1 as the troops are never strong enough to last the fight and the knights block/heal passive ability means the mages troops actually heal the knight when they block and in effect nullifying the damage the mage has lead with. They can bide their time until the troops are gone and the +50% damage bonus is applied and 1 hit Enhanced delphic destroyer the mage for the win. The mages ability to heal is none exist any as the knights 405% damage and the mages subpar health and pdef offer them no chance to resist.

      Archer vs mage: archer wins
      The base stats of a mages low pdef vs the archers medium Mdef says the archer starts with the upper hand. Archers are naturally high dsmage classes and against a low health low pdef mage they have the upper hand throughout.


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        Mages are hands down the best pvp class in my opinion. The reason why depends on whether you're talking about bg or team pvp, but in the end the result is the same.


        My main character is a mage, but after having also played as an archer on another server, I learned the pain of being left on low hp after a fight with someone not too far from your own strength. The only heal you have as an archer is your bloodthirsty strike, which doesn't even heal that much anyway, and as a knight you basically don't have anything reliable, besides the heal rune available to all classes. As a mage, I can heal up at the start of any fight and get a 15% damage reduction for two turns to boot.

        Very often, if I start a fight on about say 90% hp, I will open with rain of fire then use my heal. Most people will use brutality then open with their AoE (lunatic, whirlwhind, rain), so I get to damage them, and because of how skill speeds work, when I use my heal next turn it will heal me *after* they use their AoE on me and usually bring me back to full health. As a mage, starting a fight on less than full health is actually an advantage, and it's great. The one annoying thing about restoration though is when an archer gets lucky and manages to let one of your troops live on really low health so you can't heal yourself.

        I think the rock paper scissors thing works for the most part. I consider knights to be easy pickings as I can usually kill them before they get through my troops. Thanks to rain of fire and meteor, as a mage I can basically ignore troops completely. Two AoE attacks and they're gone, and the damage done to the player is the same as if the troops weren't even there. Archers are tough though. I've built my character to specifically be anti-archer/knight with as high pdef as is possible, but archers still hurt the most. Their lunatic fire does massive damage, and that they often leave my troops sitting there on low hp to steal my heals is very annoying. If it turns to a 1 on 1 with no troops, their damage is hard to keep up with, but they are squishy and can often be killed during the troop stage.

        Team PvP

        Mages shine here again, and especially at higher levels when blessed light becomes a common skill to have. For myself at lvl 59, I don't really have the skill points to carry it, but in the 70s just about every mage seems to have it and it can completely turn the tide of a fight. There is nothing more annoying than letting loose with all your AoE skills, only to have everyone so close to death and then suddenly be full health again.

        Teams of three mages will dominate at team PvP because they can spam rain of fire and meteor every turn to hit all 3 enemies at once. Knights and archers only have two AoE attacks, and they don't leave them with a net gain of rage like mages' rain of fire does.

        Most people tend also to build lower mdef which is the sensible thing to do considering that 2/3 classes use patk. Knights have naturally lower mdef anyway, but archers who ar strong against mages should focuson pdef, and as a mage, you already have a ton of mdef so it's also better to get as much pdef as possible. This leaves everyone but mages very open to matk, and is just one more reason why mages are so good here.

        The one disadvantage though of being a mage may be too much AoE. Sometimes it is better to quickly whittle the enemy down to 2 instead of 3 so that you reduce their damage and can't have their whole team be healed by a blessed light when all almost dead. For the reason knights are pretty good as they focus on the front and have a skill that specifically targets the weaker player. Maybe a two mage + knight comp would be best? I don't really see a place for the archer here, unless they're just really strong.

        And there is another benefit to being a mage. You can be really weak and still contribute to your team. Thanks to damnation and suntoria, a low br mage isn't as much of a dead weight as a low br archer or knight would be, so it's an all round win for mages imo.


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          Is your opinion based on even BR or knight\arch have 5-10k br more than you? Are you crit mage?
          there is no better or worst class. Every class is nicely balanced and requires decent amount of skill to beat another.
          Any segment of game where is required team play mage is must! Dungeons above 40lvl are immpossible without GOOD mage. Having mage in PvP really knows to be turnover in a almost every even match. BG advantage because of heal. Only weakness of mage is 1v1 without troops.."naked" mage is cannon meat for other two classes. If your troops went down really fast, then yeah you are dead meat.


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            My opinion is based on relatively even BRs. I personally am a WD mage but I believe my evaluation is the same whether crit/WD build.
            Mages are naturally behind in the rage regeneration with only +2 per hit and require the PvE equipment set to be any use at all. The higher build charActers can pretty much ignore the troops of the other because all classes can dispatch them within 30 seconds.. And while mages do get that headstart with area spells, the knight superior block skill has kept them relatively full health by that stage. The knights weakness of only +2 strength per level is complimented with a superior 405% dmg and a 1 hit kill (on 50% time dmg bonus). I have been in many situations wher I've been almost full health before their Delphic triggers and have died outright. The best/only ability a mage has to fight 1 on 1 is thunderer. It's short cooldown is virtually irrelevant in comparison to its cost and the mages ability to generate rage.
            I agree to the mage being the most useful class when the weakest in a team though.


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              I agree with Twiggled...


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                In my opinion all classes are equilibrate.. Gems do the differenze.. I playing a mage.. Got 2 different guilds for pvp.. My first was against knights.. So m atk, P def , crit and hp.. With this build i never had problems against knights.. But had always problems against mages.. In the second build i use m atk, P def, m def, hp.. So i Dn T have problems against mages, but if becomes Hard against knights.. But of course if knight has no m def gems, if becomes easy for me..some tanks have block gems insted m def.. So.. My opinion is that depends what gems u are using.. And that s all..