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Cheating/manipulation of guild battles

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  • #31
    I agree that if you really want to beat that top guild that's always winning that you should merge together and defeat them. However I agree with several other people on here.

    Cut down on guild sizes. For example in my server, sv47 as the 2nd ranked guild in br but top guild in gb we have 110 people that are active in our guild and about 95 inactive we leave in so we can keep our guild br high enough to hold 2nd. Maybe not to the extreme of only 60 players per guild but say 120. This leads to less inactives in guild. Also this gives guilds other than the top 4 a chance to gain new members.

    For the problem on server 27/29 euro I agree that the person kicked should be able to instantly join a new guild I agree with DWreck that you shouldn't be able to join several guilds in one day maybe the player joins guild C from guild A That player can't join another guild besides guild C until server reset.

    Originally posted by COSMOSLAVASH View Post
    If we would implement a negative thing like imposing a 24 hour penalty then we will have a lot of players complaining that their BR dropped due to the loss of Guild Skills. The reason leaving yourself has this penalty is because you make a decision yourself at the time of your choosing, while kicking can happen at any time when you are not ready, for example you have a fight / argument and one of the guild leaders and he kicks you out in anger right before Class Wars. That is why I cannot recommend to implement a negative action of 24 penalty on players being kicked.

    I disagree, the forum is not screaming with solutions, it is screaming with a lot of people asking to change the game only for themselves = selfish wishes, not considering anyone else or consequences.
    What would be the point of reducing number of members? All players know that there are 30 slots in GB, so if knowing this all players, for whatever reason, wish to be together in a big guild, then why should Kabam fight against players' wishes?
    You are trying to get Kabam to force players to join a small guild when they might not wish this.

    We had a similar situation on my PC server 1.5 years ago. Our guild was the most powerful one. So what happened is that 4 other guilds who were not really big friends with each other decided to accept each other's differences and merged to become stronger than our guild. So it is totally up to players to make friendships, to forge alliances, to build guilds and compete with other guilds. There is no way I will recommend to Kabam to force people to leave their guild and join another when they might not want this.

    So I am happy to hear out positive solutions, but I cannot see the logic in the proposed negative solutions.


    • #32
      - 8 guilds are by design, it is not a mistake. It is not the concept to make it super easy and give everyone free rewards - players have to fight to earn them like a tournament / competition. So players have to create strong guilds to get into the top 8 to be eligible to fight in guild battles to be eligible for those rewards.
      - the selfish part is not wanting more active guilds, it is requesting Kabam to kick out members from a strong guild and force them to join smaller guilds.
      - how do I know? because only a couple of people have been asking for what you are asking.
      - I do not have any tool to give you statistics, but even if i had, I would not be allowed to share such information.
      - the top 4 idea, I am sorry i did not understand it, I am happy to read again if you have time to explain it maybe a different way. Sorry for not understanding.

      @DWreck's idea:
      "Impose a kick cooldown on joining a guild ONLY when rejoining a guild you were most recently kicked from."
      + "time: 96 hours"
      At the first look this could be a win-win solution, I'd love to hear from other players (10+) what they think about this.

      @Darwi_18's idea:
      "Don't allow people to join guild battle until theyve been a member of that guild for at least 3 days.
      Don't include a members BR in the guild BR until theyve been a member for at least 3 days."

      Also sounds good, I'd love to hear from other players (10+) what they think about this.

      @S4_Frostybear & others
      "lower maximum limit of guild members from 210 (when only 30 can join GB)"
      (the main purpose being to push guild leaders to kick out inactive players)
      I'd love to hear from other players (10+) what they think about this.

      To conclude: tell your friends to come and give their input on this topic, so we can see a lot of opinions. If we have a lot of people supporting a good solution I can then use this as proof to go to Kabam and fight to get things changed.


      • #33
        I think lowering the number of guild members is a good idea... I dont like the idea of having to wait 3 days to join in any guild events when u first join another guild, you could miss out on the guild battle rewards. Maybe make the waiting Instead of 3 days, but 1 day? I dont mind the waiting 96 hours thing to rejoin the same guild...but lets look at an example: what if they were kicked accidentally or left aaccidentally because they miss clicked. Then now they have to wait the 96 hours to rejoin that guild, which then could cause some problems.


        • #34
          The max size and guild battle cool downs are good ideas.


          • #35
            I think all three ideas are excellent, lowering guild size helps keep relationships meaningful, plus ranking members can spend more time helping out the little guys


            • #36
              I would like to see a more accurate representation of all guilds BR rating for placement in guild battles. How about the br rating of any guild members that has not been active for say 21 days or even 30 days before a guild battle will not be counted toward your placement in guild battles. This would assure inactive guilds could not hold their place in guild battles with a guild full of ghosts but would have to actually earn their place in guild battles. Ghost players would be dropped from guilds making room for new active players. At this time guilds would much prefer 75 ghost players at level 50 than 75 new players at any level below 50.

              @DWreck's idea:
              "Impose a kick cooldown on joining a guild ONLY when rejoining a guild you were most recently kicked from."
              + "time: 96 hours"
              At the first look this could be a win-win solution, I'd love to hear from other players (10+) what they think about this.

              I like this idea. It would stop players from jumping to a guild for an hour to fight in a guild battle then back to their actual guild. Or jump to an inactive guild to manipulate the br of that guild to keep it in GB so they can jump back later in the week when their home guild does not provide enough gb spots for them to participate in when it really does not deserve to be in GB at all.

              Also a viable idea.

              @S4_Frostybear & others
              "lower maximum limit of guild members from 210 (when only 30 can join GB)"
              (the main purpose being to push guild leaders to kick out inactive players)
              I'd love to hear from other players (10+) what they think about this.

              When the guild jumping for GB is stopped and manipulating guilds br rating with ghost players and again guild jumpers I believe you will see the size of guilds self-regulate to a reasonable number where more can participate in GB's. I believe this will result in more active guilds that will welcome new players without an imposed guild size reduction by Kabam.


              • #37
                On the cooldown idea 3 days is just an arbitrary one. 1 day sounds a bit short. I understand the concerns but has anyone here ever accidentally been kicked and then would have been upset to wait 72 hrs? I think id take that on the chin, but ive only ever been in 2 guilds and I've never been accidentally kicked.

                The problem with not being allowed to rejoin the previous one you were kicked from is that for the OP they had 2 inactive guilds, so the player could cycle through the 3. Of course you could keep a (semi) permanent record detailing guild affiliation and timings and have a more complex algorithm but I was trying to come up with the simplest possible technical solution both to implement and explain.

                With the cooldown, both the GB qualification and the BR affect can be done with a single new datum being the time the guild was joined. Which may be being held already and if not it would NOT need to be worked out for any existing membership just remembered the next time someone moved.


                • #38
                  I dont like he kick cool down idea as mistakes cam be made but the other 2 ideas are spot on.

                  I currently run the top guild on 57 and only have 123 members as i keep the numbers down on inactive. The guild in 2nd has 187 members purely to keep them in rank. Lower the amount od members to around 100 forces guilds to have active members making small guilds more powerful as people would have to join them. This would make gbs more interesting and fun.

                  I also agree with gb cooldown as this would elimate guild hopping and make people more dedicated to a Guild....



                  • #39
                    Hey All,

                    i would go on with one of the two following ideas:

                    @DWreck's idea:
                    "Impose a kick cooldown on joining a guild ONLY when rejoining a guild you were most recently kicked from."
                    + "time: 96 hours"
                    At the first look this could be a win-win solution,

                    @Darwi_18's idea:
                    "Don't allow people to join guild battle until theyve been a member of that guild for at least 3 days.
                    Don't include a members BR in the guild BR until theyve been a member for at least 3 days."


                    • #40
                      Manipulating guild battles you say?

                      Originally posted by chucklesworth73 View Post
                      There is currently a lot of controversy on our server (27/29 Europe) regarding a guild who is manipulating guild battle results. We have recently had a server merge and following this merge several guilds have merged together to create a very large overpowering guild compared to the rest on the server ( justice from server 27 along with mirage from server 29 have all joined forces and merged with legends, (now highest guild BR in entire game)). Due to the size of this guild there is insufficient room in guild battles for all the active members to take part. Unlike most guilds who arrange a system within guild for players to take part in turn, they have decided to keep an active member in each of the previous guilds they came from (justice and mirage) and just prior to guild battle they kick members out of the main guild who then join these previous inactive guilds for guild battle then return back to the main guild (legends) after guild battle has finished so they can all take part and be rewarded. This is causing a lot of ill fealing between guilds on the server as this big guild are manipulating guild battles in this way for their own gain which is resulting in smaller guilds having little to no chance of any achievements. I would apreciate if this conduct can be looked into before it kills the servers once more.

                      MuStArD (server 29 Europe)

                      Hi, I'm Rosey from the server 26, whom have been merged with 24 AND 30.
                      After reading your post about how guilds have been um, manipulating guild battles, I think from my point of view it isn't like that.
                      People make their own choices and even if they decide to leave for the bigger guilds, it will give the smaller guilds a chance to grow. Sure people will say that it is unfair and people only join to get the bigger rewards but... When gaming my policy is, if you can defend your own toon and if you are losing a lot, just simply use what you have gained and improve on it and if you are losing every single guild battle and you are unhappy with it, what are you going to do really?

                      About killing the servers, majority of the servers have died already and the ones who play... in my opinion just want to kill some time.


                      • #41
                        Firstly, I would like to thank COSMOS for taking this issue Seriosly. Once again today the guild in question performed it's guild kick procedure just prior to guild battle, jumping from the top guild (Legends, into a mostly inactive guild which they previosly merged with to create a super guild, mirage) following this battle the server erupted with hatred, negativity and down right nastiness, ( and this from all guilds not just those effected). Our whole server is disgusted with the way these players are manipulating the possibilities of the game for their own personal gain without any respect for any player not in their guild. Im sure this type of behaviour is not what kebam Would want, or expect from its players.

                        I feel that some excellent ideas have been put forward.

                        To impose a cooldown period on rejoining a guild you have been kicked from : This is an excellent idea, this would stop this behaviour instantaniosly as the members would have to wait this cooldown period therefore losing any guild benefits for a period of time instead of manipulating the bounderies of the game for their own personal gain. Any gain would have to be traded with the loss of benefits for not being in the main guild. I would even go a step further and set the cooldown time at 5 days. This would ensure that players who guild jump on a Monday, can not return to the main guild until after the overall battle rewards have been issued on a Friday, therefore ensuring players can not reap the rewards from both guilds. As for the issue of accidently leaving or being kicked, this is easily prevented. The inclusion of a confirmation box would esure that these actioned can not be done accidentily and can only be done as a deliberate action.


                        • #42
                          Not allowing guild members to participate in guild battle until an active membership period in a guild has been completed: this too is an excellent suggestion. There are so many aspects of the game which require some form of waiting period. How many of you guys recieved each set of armour imediately, how many upgraded their fate/astrals/skills/talent level etc etc imediately ?? (I guess none ) the genuine player, is quite used to waiting for aspects of the game to be relised. i can only see the players using this as an excuse, ( for not making change to stop the ability of manipulating the game bounderies for their own personal gain, with no respect for other players) having an issue with waiting a week befire being able to participate in guild battles, this would also ensure that only those whos participation to a specific guild ( which lead to them being included in a guild battle ) could actually take part in The guild battle. And then only participate for the specific guild they helped to achieve a guild battle place. WIN WIN WIN. You can't get any fairer than that.


                          • #43
                            Lowering the max guild membership

                            Lowering the current maximum guild membership from 210 has many positive possibilities. There are currently many servers who have insufficient "active guilds" in all 8 spots for guild battle. Most servers have some inactive guilds take part. Im sure there are many players out there who like myself, would rather have a great fight and lose than have no opponents at all and win. It's not all about the rewards. For some people it's actually about the gameplay, interactivity between guilds and fun that can be had. All that is asked is for is fair play. By limiting the numbers, more guilds would be created which in turn would create more inter guild rivalry/competition and would ensure guilds had to actually earn their place and not just get automatic entry because they have merged several guilds together to dramatically overpower any on the server. Thus creating the need to manipulate the system for personal gain. It is my opinion that in the majority of cases, most guilds would have the ability to reduce size of the guild and not really effect the active membership of the guild. Most have a number of inactive players they could easily get rid off which is not only an easy process, it would also go some way to actually valadiating the guild Br they are using to achieve such rankings/positions.


                            • #44
                              I agree with chucklesworth it is ruining the server cos everyone isn't getting a fair chance in guild battles they need to change the way the leaving guild or quitting works .Kabam should do it where if you leave a guild you have to wait a week to join a new one or just take the guild justice and mirage out of the server all together just to give all the other guilds a fair chance


                              • #45
                                Hey every1,

                                guess its time to give my 2 cents to this stupid topic. First of all speaking of manipulation or cheating isnt right at all. We merged to beat Exodus, our servers stongest guild before and all those guild who merged with us all won against World, the guild Mustard is the leader of.
                                We didnt break any regulations or change anything according to Mustard.
                                The only difference now is that we decided to join ways.

                                @ chucklesworth73/Mustard:
                                To be honest im tired of all those whining and crying or whatever on our world chat about the stupiest things.
                                You guys forgot that this is a game!!!!
                                We're probably one of the most active guilds right now with around 170 daily players!
                                Its not forbidden to give some of our members the chance to participate in GB even tho its not just in "legends".
                                Best Comparison would be sending employers from main company to some branch offices.
                                "But hey, they are just ghosts guild, so its a free win right, even we couldnt beat them before..yay" facing empty Guild battles to win for yourself without putting any efford is something you like right?....but as soon as something doesnt go your way like sending over some ppl to have some fun, you start you crying like a child.
                                speak of personal gain...isnt all this not your for your own personal gain?...
                                How can you speak of respect, since all the nastiness, hatred and negativity always starts with you?!

                                Im certainly not the type to write in forums or something similar like that, but that attitude is just the worst and to pillory us, isnt the right way to do.
                                Some other guilds did that before, how comes nobody cares, why now?
                                Dont play the helpless victim here, because you are certainly not!

                                According to the suggestions, which other guilds does these changes affect except us? probably not a single one.
                                THIS is just a way to destroy our new merged server and all the players currently enjoying it atm (but for sure not for long anymore)

                                Best Regards Chronos, Leader of the cheating, manipulative guild Legends!