Greetings Heroes!

We have some good news to share with you regarding the issue with the PvP Arena / points / Warrior Mark:

1) Briefly about the problem:
Our engineers are working hard in order to fix this problem with the weekly PvP points as soon as possible.

2) Warrior Marks good news as of v5.1 update:
Very soon we will have the v5.1 game update (see gossip / new features here) and in this update the engineers will either fully fix this problem or will give to everyone 1 Warrior Mark every week until the problem is fixed!

3) Immediate compensation Warrior Mark!
On top of this we will give out 1 Warrior Mark compensation to everyone immediately via a Login Event, so everyone can go and pick up their Warrior Mark (the event will be setup asap today and will last for 7 days giving plenty of time to collect it).

We hope everyone will be happy with the progress on this issue.
Thanks for your patience and understanding in this matter!
Cosmos & Wartune Team