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A poem for halloween forum contest!!!!!

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  • #31
    A Pirate booty

    Halloween is approaching,oh what a sight
    All the creatures that roam on a Halloween night
    This year a ''pirate'' stakes a claim above the rest
    Guarding her stash of candy,in the old treasure chest
    Of those who wish to take it are beggars and thieves
    They run of with the loot,like strangers in the night
    Leaving nothing but the trail of their red taillight
    Gold , Fame, Were are you?
    This Halloween is coming for you!

    Server 85: JackSparro (Guild Mystery)


    • #32
      Wartune Hoh halloween

      No percurso da noite.
      Sedutor de donzelas.
      Invasor dos meus sonhos
      Orador da lua.

      Um lobo tranquilo
      Procurador do ?dio em si
      Vingador da escurid?o,
      Criador de fortalezas

      ? Halloween e eu vou logar.
      Dia de sangue na boca
      Olhos profundos no wartune
      Bruxas tem beijos Amargos e
      outras beijos doces

      Serei o Lobisomem novamente,
      Espreitador das cidadelas,
      Senhor da noite, o monstro interno.
      ? do Wartune Hoh um amante eterno!!!

      S85 Sr?Cristal


      • #33

        Hall of heros
        And fun for all
        Leave us some treats
        Leave us some gold
        Ohh Halloween dear
        We ask you for help
        End all gold misery
        End all this bad
        Night is still yound and so are we ,
        tomorrow we shall rise without gold misery

        TheGodess s81


        • #34
          A Wartune Hollows eve

          Come one come all, hear the call
          Play Wartune Hall of Hero's and have a monster of a ball
          Join a guild to make friends and fight
          Battle rival guilds every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights

          Stronger you need to build your toon
          Get ready, get set, for Class Wars is approaching soon
          So dawn your pumpkin heads or witches hats and mount your phantom steed
          The ghouls have come to ride this hollows eve

          Fight for honor in fire temple or battle ground
          It is time to yell out with your ghastly road warrior sound
          Train your sylphs for arena glory
          Become a sylph overlord, come and share your untold story


          • #35

            Halloween night
            Everything is alright
            Archer is sleeping
            Knight is playing

            But mage seems crying
            So knight is asking
            Whats wrong ?! Whats wrong?!
            But mage says nothing

            And the cold wind blow
            In outside theres someone growl
            Someones knocking the door
            But no one wants there to go

            Whos that ?! Whos that ?!
            Question of an archer
            But no one answer
            So he decided to go

            He open the door
            He seems so shock
            Guess whos there?!
            Its only bloodfang

            Trick or treat toons!

            S73 kcram


            • #36
              un poema para warturne hallowen

              Depiertas ojos rojos ya los tienes desgastados,
              Te ha vencido la vista en el ultimo calabozo,
              Tienes otra vida y ni notas los aldeanos,
              Esde madrugada solo notas tu bostezo,
              6 dias para hallowen y el momento desastrozo.

              Vuelves a despertar te sientes sin salida,
              Esto no es usual es algo anormal,
              Cuantas veces has ca?do sin vida,
              Reapareces y te olvidas es algo normal
              5 dias ya te espera el animal.

              4 dias faltan no lo has podido notar,
              Te olvidaste poco a poco de la mentira,
              Cuando te preocupaste al verlos no estar.
              Nisiquiera tu nombre ya se mira
              Notas tu personaje que ya ni se cura.

              Es de madrugada cuanto faltan 3 dias mas
              En que momento un juego dejo de ser
              Aun dejarlo podras ser capaz?
              Y de tu alma aun poder devolver
              La noche te empieza a meser.

              La noche anterior no la recuerdas,
              Solo recuerdas el campo de s?lfides
              Te desvelaste muchas noches atr?s
              Al fin conseguiste el legendario hadez
              En tu cuerpo de nuevo vives.

              Es hallowen ni te has dado cuenta
              Miras tu barra de vida se ha modificado
              Poco a poco perdiste la autoridad de tu cuenta
              Donde se quedo todo lo avanzado
              Se termina hallowen y aun asi no lo has notado.

              Una solo regla no juegues dia 6 antes de hallowen,
              Demasiado tarde tu alma ha desaparecido
              Oyes las voces susurrando ven ven,
              Tu vida una l?nea ya todo ha cambiado,
              De pronto todo has olvidado

              Una voz hermosa te hace volver,
              Que bellos pastizales a tu alrededor,
              Olvidaste la vida que llegaste a tener,
              Todo se ve de diferente color,
              Una chica gritando ayuda porfavor??..

              server 85 - joelgg


              • #37
                Poema de hallowen

                En hallowen nos disfrazamos , tambien
                nos asustamos, pedimos caramelos y tiramos huevos , nos disfrazamos de brujos y vampiros , no te asuste solo quitare la sangre que te pesa.Mientras estas dormido ,
                te asusto con un chillido , tus sabanas se convierten en fantasmas y mientras un zombie te persigue correras y correras esta poesia terminara.
                Hercules42 ( S40 )


                • #38
                  A short poem for wartunes halloween.

                  as the night approaches and evil encroaches
                  a song is sung in the distance

                  a fearful howl or was it a growl? your balens wont help with resistance.

                  for this month is a time when monsters zeus couldnt design come to feast on your corpses.

                  so pack up your bags, dont forget the guild vault and hurry to flee on your horses.

                  s84 Bavirayna


                  • #39
                    Hollows Night

                    For one takes flight, is your delight. On this hollow eve, go on take flight spooks an ghost loon the hall. while ghouls an goblins creep in all. With a feast they will during hollows night. Fight for honor in fire temple or battle ground. Its time to yell with your ghastly road warrior sound. Train your slyphs for arena glory become a slyph overlord, come an share your untold story.
                    Server80 TheGrinch


                    • #40
                      its halloween

                      brandish your weapon
                      adorn your armours
                      go hunting cos its time to feed
                      scare the mortals
                      and drink their blood
                      roam the world
                      in eternal despair
                      i say to you none she forget
                      the night of hallows eve
                      gives birth to dawn and chaos
                      the spirits are joyous
                      the undeead walks
                      run and hide becos the horseman walks arrives
                      let the sylphs out
                      and ride the mounts of hell
                      the time is coming
                      the coming of the angels

                      Halloween poem by Chaos s79
                      my name has a phone special characteristics for reason it cant be used on laptop sorry
                      Last edited by Fluffy; 10-25-2016, 12:44 AM.
                      Judgement Is a Delicate Balance that Rules Chaos and Order, Never Try To Claim or Disturb It


                      • #41
                        Trick Or Treat!

                        Skeletons at your castle,
                        Slyphs glow in the air,
                        Griffins on dark angels post,
                        giving stare to stare.

                        Archers on flying mounts,
                        Bats against the moon,
                        Stirring the fate stones,
                        With a solemn spoons.

                        Whirling kyanite parrings,
                        Figures draped in sheets,
                        dogding, blocking, up and down the city.

                        Jack-o'-lanterns grinning,
                        shadows on screen, shrieks and starts and laughter.
                        Trick or Treat!

                        luminousHD S70


                        • #42
                          **In Balenor, Halloween isn't as innocent as putting on costumes and eating candy. No, in fact, it is the most feared day for all that is good. For exactly 24 hours, all heroes lose their power (do to the Law of Chaos vs. Unity equalaton) . After all, they are _Hallow_ without this strength, and the evil is sure to win, or as Yaros says "ween".They can only run. Run and hide.**

                          The feathered witches gather
                          With their nether lycans, they slay, or rather
                          Laugh at the scared souls, harder and harder
                          Until finally, from all this horror, they shatter

                          The ruthless minotaurs spread despair
                          All throughout Claristun, they tear
                          While the heroes can only helplessly stare,
                          A dark cloud fills the now vulgar air.

                          Yaros, king of fear, origin of spite
                          Conquers Balenor with his unholy might
                          Soley his noctural armies fill the sight
                          Against the evil, no one can fight

                          In our dark chambers we reside
                          In the wooden barrels and crates, we hide
                          Victim to our own fear, to their daunting, we abide.
                          The spark is fading, almost all hope has died

                          Powerless still, we're half way there
                          But challenge this nightmare we do not dare
                          Endless waves of vampiric soldiers glare
                          As we realise, all that's left is to say "farewell"

                          Rehearsing our last words, we concede
                          Perhaps, our lost souls, from this earth are freed
                          Our solitude is all we really need
                          To this torture, this war we will not feed

                          In peace now, we pray once more
                          Maybe even, this is a door
                          To a tranquil realm where no fiend may roar
                          Useless still, no longer do we implore

                          Soon, very soon this terror will pass
                          From volcanic ashes, to beautiful grass
                          No longer will the evil trespass
                          No longer will we be slave to this pathetic class

                          At long last, November is here!
                          No longer must we have this wretched fear
                          Finally awoken, the mighty queen Lear
                          Felice, her name was, with the godlike gear

                          Heroes now fight, standing tall
                          Yaros and his siege will soon fall
                          Out from our barrels and chambers we crawl
                          Helpless no more, we will make this nightmare sprawl

                          ~THE END~

                          -s75 Marik
                          Last edited by Marik; 11-01-2016, 03:20 AM.


                          • #43
                            All Hallows Eve

                            All around Balenor
                            They gathered around
                            Archers and Knights
                            And Mages abound
                            A darkness had fallen
                            Our heroes were absent
                            Felice, Checkmate
                            Even James had vanished
                            It was up to us peasents
                            To battle this day
                            Against Hades himself
                            Us non cashers will slay
                            So we picked up our swords
                            Our bows and our staffs
                            We battled this foe
                            And all in his path
                            We lost quite a few
                            And some ran away
                            But our heroes returned
                            We were valiant this day
                            So always remember
                            And never forget
                            On All Hallows Eve
                            Hades gets upset.
                            Eros? S30


                            • #44
                              The monsters

                              I thought i saw Bera
                              underneath my bed
                              his body are purple
                              and his eyes were red.

                              I thought i saw darnus
                              underneath my chair
                              his horse was scary
                              and he had a no head

                              I thought i saw saende dragon
                              in my room last night
                              His a dragon zombie
                              and his blowing fire

                              I thought i saw a monster
                              and that he saw me
                              But Don't be scared
                              If you're with me.

                              S86 morgana


                              • #45
                                Amethyst Mines Horror

                                Part 1
                                I enter the mines:
                                It is cold, so cold
                                I can only hear my thumping heart
                                I feel a sudden swiftness pass behind me
                                Do I turn around? I must!
                                Nothing to be found....
                                I look up! Bats
                                I look down! Spiders
                                Gulp...just get to the amethysts

                                Part 2
                                Collecting the Amethysts:
                                1,2,3,4 still need plenty more
                                I am done, moving on to turn in my prize
                                I am done, Felice has locked on with her eyes!
                                Her long claw like hands summon lightning
                                White flash is all I saw
                                Now I lay silent and still on the cold mine floor

                                PipaKnight S16

                                This was inspired by the mines and how spooky they look. Especially from the outside with a green glowing effect. This is the place of Wartune that reminds me of Halloween