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A poem for halloween forum contest!!!!!

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    Fight the fright

    Mages,archers and warriors true
    Fight side by side through fear and gloom.
    We live to fight and fight to live,
    On this Halloween our enemies we do not forgive.
    Lest ye flee from the terrors within,
    Seek your guild for slaying the grim.
    For the ye shall not falter, tire or flee,
    For this is your might, your wartunes family.


    • #17
      poema de hallowen

      El fantasmita
      Miss bruja
      El fantasma Cucufate
      Entre las calabazas
      Es el final del verano
      y la cosecha termina
      es el alma que alucina
      al esp?ritu lejano.

      El regreso de los muertos
      sin duda ha de suceder
      las tumbas se han de romper
      es lo seguro, lo cierto.

      El negro de noche oscura
      naranja de amanecer
      har?n trizas su poder
      la casa estar? segura.

      Los dulces y la comida
      provocaran su atenci?n
      es festejo de ilusi?n
      celebraci?n atrevida.

      Martinez ...... Server 86


      • #18
        Halloween Poem

        Soon the Blood moon
        Rises high in the sky
        Softly, a Wartune
        Sings of Death coming nigh

        The knights in their armor
        With sword at the ready
        Await the dark ardor
        With hearts ever steady

        The hunters crouch low
        In a perch out of sight
        With arrow and bow
        As they fight for the light

        The mages and wise ones
        Prepare ancient spells
        To make demons run
        Straight back to their hells

        The armies are assembled
        With each class and caste
        And cloud city trembles
        Under the weight of their haste

        For now...
        All is silent
        No whisper or scream
        Just a wish for every Balenor
        To have a Happy Halloween!

        S76 - TINY


        • #19
          Halloween Poem

          Tonight is longer than the day,
          is more than trick or treating,
          are the souls in its worst rebellion,
          and it is feared its sweetness.

          There are pumpkins everywhere,
          they are actually only illuminating this devastated
          with small plugs therein.
          They laugh at me in a sarcastic laugh,
          am I hallucinating?
          I do not understand this distortion ....

          They whirl and twirl
          closing me in a circle
          with its speed,
          I do not know if it's one or a set
          I have been dizzy ...
          I fell into a black floor and laughs whistle
          It will be a build?
          So much for deputy ...
          An infinite puzzle that do not ride.

          Finally the disorder stopped ...
          It was just a big pumpkin,
          accompanied by spirits.
          What you want from me?
          With a kind of syrup grabbed me,
          the spirits pull my soul,
          and I just cry 'this is not so, it is not so!'

          Now I belong to that soul-tamer,
          I say farewell my body limp, pale inarticulate
          lying on the ground.
          And here I keep the cursed Hallowen,
          maybe not go to your door hit this hand.

          BUU !!!

          Server 29


          • #20
            Dolcetto o scherzetto?

            Aprite la porta voi che siete l? dentro
            O vi far? prendere un bello spavento.
            Qui venuto, infatti, sono
            per chiedere un dolce oppure un dono.
            Prendo di tutto. Lo sapete no?
            Caramelle, biscotti, noccioline, bonbon
            Ma se preferite posso accettare
            Anche qualcosa che non sia da mangiare.

            Balens, cavalcature, abbigliamento, un carillon
            Quel che vorrete io prender?
            E se proprio non avete nulla da offrire
            Aprite comunque o vi far? inorridire.

            Con la mia maschera da vampiro
            Spavento chiunque quando vado in giro.
            Aprite, dunque, signore e signori
            ? da mezz?ora che sono qui fuori!

            Qeenbitch s54ue


            • #21

              Notte di Halloween,
              notte stregata,
              Guerrieri, arcieri
              e una maga arrabbiata,
              danzano e ballano ad ogni ora
              ed in questa notte nessuno riposa:
              "dolcetto o scherzetto!"
              i bambini diranno
              e tutti, in gran fretta, regaleranno:
              Mahara, sepulcrum e frusta exp
              Evviva! Evviva! E' una vera delizia.
              Chi sar? mai quell'essere strano...
              che sta facendo un gran baccano?
              Se guardo bene ecco che vedo...
              ? un vecchio fantasma silphi ormai in congedo!
              Manca all'appello il drago nero,
              che lemme lemme arriva davvero,
              miagola e graffia chiss? perch?....
              per far paura proprio a te!
              Ma non ti spaventare per davvero
              ? solo un draghetto nero, nero
              che vuole mostrarti cosa c'?
              sulla tavola accanto a me:
              ? una zucca bella, intagliata,
              una candela l'ha illuminata,
              ed ? qui sai perch??
              Per ricordarti che
              questa festa pu? piacere anche a te.
              Dopo questa notte misteriosa e oscura,
              notte giocosa e di paura,
              tutti i bimbi mascherati,
              a casa tardi son rientrati!
              Via i costumi... si son lavati...
              e pi? belli son tornati.
              Ora a scuola andranno,
              e "dolcetto o scherzetto" pi? non faranno...
              La maestra ? molto contenta,
              e la lezione spiega lenta
              ma un mio compagno vuole bere...
              allora prende un bel bicchiere.
              Un drago finto cade dentro,
              e si prende un bello spavento!
              Halloween cos? ricomincer??
              S?, si! Si s?!
              Il momento degli scherzi, mai finir


              • #22
                destroying the evil

                The heroes don their epic gear
                Choking back the growing fear
                And going forth to win the fight
                Against evil, on this Halloween night.

                The villagers bolt and lock their doors
                Praying that the strongest of Balenor's Lords
                Will come and help to end their plight
                And slay the evil, on this Halloween night.

                The knight checks his gear knowing for sure
                That if he keeps his heart and mind pure
                That his sword will strike true and his heart will be light
                As he cuts down the evil, on this Halloween night.

                The mage sits poring over her spells
                Prepping to ensure that the battle goes well
                She polishes her staff till it glows clear and bright
                To incinerate the evil, on this Halloween night.

                The archer checks his now and his darts
                Knowing his arrows will pierce through the hearts
                straight and true will be their deathly flight
                As they he slays the evil, on this Halloween night.

                The villagers spreads spread the drinks and the cheers
                For the night is now over and the heroes are here
                And the Lords of Balenor rejoice in the sight
                Of the joy that can happen, on Halloween night

                S86 damian


                • #23

                  Hellowenn ohh Helloween
                  Der Tag wo wir Noobs in den Wald zieh'n.
                  Dort wird ihnen der arsch versohlt
                  Gott find ich das geil.

                  Denn ich bin der paedobaer. 😆


                  • #24
                    Halloween poem

                    Upon that night, when fairies light
                    On Cassilis Downans dance,
                    Or owre the lays, in splendid blaze,
                    On sprightly coursers prance;
                    Or for Colean the route is ta'en,
                    Beneath the moon's pale beams;
                    There, up the cove, to stray and rove,
                    Among the rocks and streams
                    To sport that night.

                    Among the bonny winding banks,
                    Where Doon rins, wimplin' clear,
                    Where Bruce ance ruled the martial ranks,
                    And shook his Carrick spear,
                    Some merry, friendly, country-folks,
                    Together did convene,
                    To burn their nits, and pou their stocks,
                    And haud their Halloween
                    Fu' blithe that night.

                    The lasses feat, and cleanly neat,
                    Mair braw than when they're fine;
                    Their faces blithe, fu' sweetly kythe,
                    Hearts leal, and warm, and kin';
                    The lads sae trig, wi' wooer-babs,
                    Weel knotted on their garten,
                    Some unco blate, and some wi' gabs,
                    Gar lasses' hearts gang startin'
                    Whiles fast at night.

                    Then, first and foremost, through the kail,
                    Their stocks maun a' be sought ance;
                    They steek their een, and graip and wale,
                    For muckle anes and straught anes.
                    Poor hav'rel Will fell aff the drift,
                    And wander'd through the bow-kail,
                    And pou't, for want o' better shift,
                    A runt was like a sow-tail,
                    Sae bow't that night.

                    Then, staught or crooked, yird or nane,
                    They roar and cry a' throu'ther;
                    The very wee things, todlin', rin,
                    Wi' stocks out owre their shouther;
                    And gif the custoc's sweet or sour.
                    Wi' joctelegs they taste them;
                    Syne cozily, aboon the door,
                    Wi cannie care, they've placed them
                    To lie that night.

                    The lasses staw frae 'mang them a'
                    To pou their stalks of corn:
                    But Rab slips out, and jinks about,
                    Behint the muckle thorn:
                    He grippet Nelly hard and fast;
                    Loud skirl'd a' the lasses;
                    But her tap-pickle maist was lost,
                    When kitlin' in the fause-house
                    Wi' him that night.

                    The auld guidwife's well-hoordit nits,
                    Are round and round divided,
                    And monie lads' and lasses' fates
                    Are there that night decided:
                    Some kindle coothie, side by side,
                    And burn thegither trimly;
                    Some start awa, wi' saucy pride,
                    And jump out-owre the chimlie
                    Fu' high that night.

                    Jean slips in twa wi' tentie ee;
                    Wha 'twas she wadna tell;
                    But this is Jock, and this is me,
                    She says in to hersel:
                    He bleezed owre her, and she owre him,
                    As they wad never mair part;
                    Till, fuff! he started up the lum,
                    And Jean had e'en a sair heart
                    To see't that night.

                    Poor Willie, wi' his bow-kail runt,
                    Was brunt wi' primsie Mallie;
                    And Mallie, nae doubt, took the drunt,
                    To be compared to Willie;
                    Mall's nit lap out wi' pridefu' fling,
                    And her ain fit it brunt it;
                    While Willie lap, and swore by jing,
                    'Twas just the way he wanted
                    To be that night.

                    Nell had the fause-house in her min',
                    She pits hersel and Rob in;
                    In loving bleeze they sweetly join,
                    Till white in ase they're sobbin';
                    Nell's heart was dancin' at the view,
                    She whisper'd Rob to leuk for't:
                    Rob, stowlins, prie'd her bonny mou',
                    Fu' cozie in the neuk for't,
                    Unseen that night.

                    But Merran sat behint their backs,
                    Her thoughts on Andrew Bell;
                    She lea'es them gashin' at their cracks,
                    And slips out by hersel:
                    She through the yard the nearest taks,
                    And to the kiln goes then,
                    And darklins graipit for the bauks,
                    And in the blue-clue throws then,
                    Right fear't that night.

                    And aye she win't, and aye she swat,
                    I wat she made nae jaukin',
                    Till something held within the pat,
                    Guid Lord! but she was quakin'!
                    But whether 'was the deil himsel,
                    Or whether 'twas a bauk-en',
                    Or whether it was Andrew Bell,
                    She didna wait on talkin'
                    To spier that night.

                    Wee Jennie to her grannie says,
                    "Will ye go wi' me, grannie?
                    I'll eat the apple at the glass
                    I gat frae Uncle Johnnie:"
                    She fuff't her pipe wi' sic a lunt,
                    In wrath she was sae vap'rin',
                    She notice't na, an aizle brunt
                    Her braw new worset apron
                    Out through that night.

                    "Ye little skelpie-limmer's face!
                    I daur you try sic sportin',
                    As seek the foul thief ony place,
                    For him to spae your fortune.
                    Nae doubt but ye may get a sight!
                    Great cause ye hae to fear it;
                    For mony a ane has gotten a fright,
                    And lived and died deleeret
                    On sic a night.

                    "Ae hairst afore the Sherramoor, ?
                    I mind't as weel's yestreen,
                    I was a gilpey then, I'm sure
                    I wasna past fifteen;
                    The simmer had been cauld and wat,
                    And stuff was unco green;
                    And aye a rantin' kirn we gat,
                    And just on Halloween
                    It fell that night.

                    "Our stibble-rig was Rab M'Graen,
                    A clever sturdy fallow:
                    His son gat Eppie Sim wi' wean,
                    That lived in Achmacalla:
                    He gat hemp-seed, I mind it weel,
                    And he made unco light o't;
                    But mony a day was by himsel,
                    He was sae sairly frighted
                    That very night."

                    Then up gat fechtin' Jamie Fleck,
                    And he swore by his conscience,
                    That he could saw hemp-seed a peck;
                    For it was a' but nonsense.
                    The auld guidman raught down the pock,
                    And out a hanfu' gied him;
                    Syne bade him slip frae 'mang the folk,
                    Some time when nae ane see'd him,
                    And try't that night.

                    He marches through amang the stacks,
                    Though he was something sturtin;
                    The graip he for a harrow taks.
                    And haurls it at his curpin;
                    And every now and then he says,
                    "Hemp-seed, I saw thee,
                    And her that is to be my lass,
                    Come after me, and draw thee
                    As fast this night."

                    He whistled up Lord Lennox' march
                    To keep his courage cheery;
                    Although his hair began to arch,
                    He was say fley'd and eerie:
                    Till presently he hears a squeak,
                    And then a grane and gruntle;
                    He by his shouther gae a keek,
                    And tumbled wi' a wintle
                    Out-owre that night.

                    He roar'd a horrid murder-shout,
                    In dreadfu' desperation!
                    And young and auld came runnin' out
                    To hear the sad narration;
                    He swore 'twas hilchin Jean M'Craw,
                    Or crouchie Merran Humphie,
                    Till, stop! she trotted through them
                    And wha was it but grumphie
                    Asteer that night!

                    Meg fain wad to the barn hae gaen,
                    To win three wechts o' naething;
                    But for to meet the deil her lane,
                    She pat but little faith in:
                    She gies the herd a pickle nits,
                    And two red-cheekit apples,
                    To watch, while for the barn she sets,
                    In hopes to see Tam Kipples
                    That very nicht.

                    She turns the key wi cannie thraw,
                    And owre the threshold ventures;
                    But first on Sawnie gies a ca'
                    Syne bauldly in she enters:
                    A ratton rattled up the wa',
                    And she cried, Lord, preserve her!
                    And ran through midden-hole and a',
                    And pray'd wi' zeal and fervour,
                    Fu' fast that night;

                    They hoy't out Will wi' sair advice;
                    They hecht him some fine braw ane;
                    It chanced the stack he faddom'd thrice
                    Was timmer-propt for thrawin';
                    He taks a swirlie, auld moss-oak,
                    For some black grousome carlin;
                    And loot a winze, and drew a stroke,
                    Till skin in blypes cam haurlin'
                    Aff's nieves that night.

                    A wanton widow Leezie was,
                    As canty as a kittlin;
                    But, och! that night amang the shaws,
                    She got a fearfu' settlin'!
                    She through the whins, and by the cairn,
                    And owre the hill gaed scrievin,
                    Whare three lairds' lands met at a burn
                    To dip her left sark-sleeve in,
                    Was bent that night.

                    Whyles owre a linn the burnie plays,
                    As through the glen it wimpl't;
                    Whyles round a rocky scaur it strays;
                    Whyles in a wiel it dimpl't;
                    Whyles glitter'd to the nightly rays,
                    Wi' bickering, dancing dazzle;
                    Whyles cookit underneath the braes,
                    Below the spreading hazel,
                    Unseen that night.

                    Among the brackens, on the brae,
                    Between her and the moon,
                    The deil, or else an outler quey,
                    Gat up and gae a croon:
                    Poor Leezie's heart maist lap the hool!
                    Near lav'rock-height she jumpit;
                    but mist a fit, and in the pool
                    Out-owre the lugs she plumpit,
                    Wi' a plunge that night.

                    In order, on the clean hearth-stane,
                    The luggies three are ranged,
                    And every time great care is ta'en',
                    To see them duly changed:
                    Auld Uncle John, wha wedlock joys
                    Sin' Mar's year did desire,
                    Because he gat the toom dish thrice,
                    He heaved them on the fire
                    In wrath that night.

                    Wi' merry sangs, and friendly cracks,
                    I wat they didna weary;
                    And unco tales, and funny jokes,
                    Their sports were cheap and cheery;
                    Till butter'd so'ns, wi' fragrant lunt,
                    Set a' their gabs a-steerin';
                    Syne, wi' a social glass o' strunt,
                    They parted aff careerin'
                    Fu' blythe that night.

                    Valak s57
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                      Halloween Poem

                      Wartune is the darkness that comes from deep inside.
                      It creeps up from out of your darkside.
                      Gnawing at your flesh by your graveside.
                      Of a life that you leaves you mortified.

                      Felice is death that shivers down your spine.
                      Your screams and visions will all align.
                      Under the bright moon they will combine.

                      You see your life end, but when did it begin?
                      Gaia will make you fall to your knees as your thoughts go within.
                      The deepest part of your soul, under your skin.

                      You see the vision of the bitter end.
                      You stay alive as the skin and muscle fall from your bones.
                      You feel like your in a warzone.
                      All you can do is let out a little moan.

                      You finally succumb to your fate.
                      You finally become desolate
                      Felice roaming the earth as deaths advocate.
                      Bringing victims to hells gate.

                      By Tedkins ? Europe S33


                      • #26
                        В России тоже празднуют

                        Сегодня открылись ворота,
                        И мы перед ними стоим.
                        И в прошлом и в будушем вместе
                        Мы будем сражатся пред ними!
                        Познай свое место в строю,
                        Почувствуй товарища локоть,
                        Используй в смертельном бою,
                        И огонь, и грифов, и коготь?
                        Ворота открыты на Хеллоуин,
                        Но чтоб не ворвался поток
                        И нечисть не влилась лавиною,
                        Под стражей проход и замок.
                        Там тени хранителей ? сильфы,
                        И маги на птицах летают.
                        Wartune затмевает все фильмы?
                        И с дружбой тут не играют?

                        S29 artazel


                        • #27
                          halloween poem

                          He stalks through the night hiding in the shadows of the forgotten catacombs watching waiting to engulf his prey, his victim stands in the forgotten forest unaware of the hunter begging for the pain and heartache to be taken away wanting and yearning for it all to end asking to go to sleep and not wake up again he briefly thinks would it really affect them the ones that hurt him.... if he was gone...the hunter slowly and quietly slinks out of the shadows poised to pounce on his prey but suddenly stops to listen to the words of his prey he feels moisture on his face the tears flow free but how can this be for I am death he thought I have no feelings no heart no soul I am the reaper black as coal
                          Server: s3
                          Character: dirtyd


                          • #28
                            Halloween Poem

                            Archers attacks powered by physical,
                            Mages heals appear to be mystical,
                            Knights defend, for all that's seen,
                            But each have a weakness when it comes to Halloween.
                            Skeletons and monsters that'll sure give a fright,
                            Each bravely warrior, fight through the night,
                            For rewards of balens and gifts of gold,
                            What they saw on Halloween should never be told.

                            S78 MrsWartune


                            • #29
                              Halloween poeme wartune

                              Il fait noir, c'est le soir
                              Mais bien trop noir, pour y voir
                              Dans ma robe de sorcier;
                              Je m'?claire avec ma citrouille
                              Je n'ai pas la trouille
                              Ding dong !! Je sonne...
                              Un paquet de bonbons atterrit au fond de mon ?norme sac
                              Deja rempli en vrac par des friandises, porte-bonheur
                              Et des milliers de roses qui attendent un evenement


                              • #30

                                Es knistert und lodert
                                Es knackt und knischt
                                Es klimpert und rasselt

                                Ein Held durch finstere nacht
                                Die demonen erzittern
                                Die bosse verstummen
                                Die Drachen sie schrumpfen
                                In ihrer macht
                                Beim Anblick von Bogen
                                Erblicken der klingen
                                Erstaunen an St?ben

                                Sylphen eilelt herbei zum helloween
                                Fight bei wartune

                                LG norman84 s74