So this seem to have gotten lost in the move.

Originally posted by COSMOS on old Kabam Forums
Hi everyone, I sometimes get reports saying that the game runs great on one device and not another (a lot of the time this is due to it being outdated phone).
The reason for example that you do not crash on a device is most likely because it meets the minimum requirements of the game, while the other device does not.

(This is a suggestion to help, it is not supposed to fix ALL problems out there)

Steps which could help fix stuff for you

Hey guys, I wanted to share a few steps which could help fix issues you are having in the game:

To possibly reduce lag
Please turn off all active applications (they consume memory), especially for older devices.

Having the latest version
You can try to make sure you have the latest version of the game from the App Store or Google Play store. Enter the store and update the game.

Repairing files
Sometimes files become corrupted. To fix this, please try repairing your system files from the settings menu.
(if does not work for some reason can just re-install the game)

BEFORE REPAIRING, UNINSTALLING, OR UPDATING: Make sure that you have registered a Kabam ID account with your character so you do not delete your game data. To register, on the home screen tap on your name.

I wanted to give everyone the above general advice to help; this does not mean we are not fixing our own problems, it is just something that might help while we focus on fixing bugs and such.

Your best friend
GM Cosmos
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