Here are the results of this Week End Royal Tournaments :

1st Rank :
Shafted with 966 Royal Seals

2nd Rank
xXValhallaXx with 858 Royal Seals

3rd Rank
Sturmtrupp with 663 Royal Seals

4th Rank
Nederland with 629 Royal Seals

5th Rank
POLSKA with 479 Royal Seals

BrothersPendra with 459 Royal Seals
DieDeutschen with 407 Royal Seals
ACADEMI9 with 363 Royal Seals
Brutal_Corps with 319 Royal Seals
TheGodfather with 308 Royal Seals

Congratulations to the Winner! The winning Alliance will be contacted soon and will be able to choose one Reward between “A Full Lord Armor”, A Third city OR A Surprise gift!

The 10 following Alliances will receive a special surprise for their performance.

I would like to emphasise that this server is really unique and in order to keep a fair and fun gaming experience for all, we will strongly enforce the rules concerning the exploits of the game mechanics.

I will personally contact all winning alliances and players, and send them their rewards.