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The voices of ector123 have spoken --> game improvements!

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  • The voices of ector123 have spoken --> game improvements!

    Dear kabam,

    In the last few days me and my fellow server comrades joined forces in a group chat with the intention to make this game a better and more friendly game. We've discussed quite a few issues and game improvement/balancing subjects.

    We've tried to get kabams attention in the past on a few subjects, but unfornately they failed to deliver. Looking at the forums the last few weeks seeing Ganstack and his team actually helping people/the game out, we decided to make our final attempt.

    We will give you a very detailed report of all the important factors on the subjects here below:

    1.) Server Merge.
    2.) Troops/Hospitals/Gold
    3.) Fighting/Reinforcing/Map
    4.) Campaign
    5.) Items
    6.) Daily Things/Merlin's Madness
    7.) Events
    8.) Grail Wars

    Bierkes + Many Ector123 alliance leaders/players.

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    1.) Server Merge:

    - Every TK event has the same top 10 players.
    - Every might event has the same top 10 players
    - Every alliance event are the same alliances top 5
    - Every train a thon the same people end up for the top rewards
    - Hardly anybody opens up anymore.
    - just a few alliances have more than 50 players in it.

    - we would REALY love another server merge.
    - Could you give us the option to merge with a already existing merged world?
    - If not, could you open up 1 clean server where everybody from every world could merge into?
    - these 2 options are the only 2 options we all agreed on that would increase the fun/activity/rivalry within the game/server. At this moment our server is bleeding to dead from boredom.


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      2.) Troops/Hospitals/Gold:

      Before introducing "new troops" again, we would like to see the current ones being balanced. See below:

      *Normal troops:
      - T1 = 4 might.
      - T2 = 16 might --> should be X4 times stronger than T1 troops.
      - T3 = 24 might --> should be X1.5 times stronger than T2 troops.
      - T4 = 72 might --> Should be X3 times stronger than T3 troops.
      - T5 = 144 might --> should be X2 times stronger than T4 troops.
      - T6 = 288 might --> should be X2 times stronger than T5 troops.

      Currently they are not balanced like that, which makes T4/T5/T6 troops useless besides might events. NObody uses them to attack or defend. And everybody who has T3, use them preferably.

      * Mercenary Troops:
      - Imperial guards = 1 might. --> They have massive defence. Increase their might so people can actually get some kills.
      - Crimson mages = 1 might --> They were introduced to kill imperial guards. Instead they can attack ALL troops in a city. Program them to only be able to attack imperial guards and increase their might.
      - Shadow assassins = 1 might --> They were introduced to kill crimson mages. Instead they can attack ALL troops in a city. Program them to only be able to attack crimson mages and increase their might.
      - Arcane archers = 1 might --> They attack the highest troops mightwise, which could result in 122k kills vs 20m kills. totally out of balance, so increase their might.

      - Everybody have their hospitals full cause of lack of gold. This discourages players to fight.
      - Healing costs --> healing troops costs way too much gold, especially the higher tier and mercenary troops. Decrease or delete the gold costs to heal them.

      * Training:
      - T6 is not trainable at the moment. T4/T5 are, but nobody trains them because they are not balanced and cost too much gold. decrease or delete the gold costs to train them.

      * Population:
      - Training T1 is ok. T2 aswell we guess. But training T3/T4/T5 costs too much available population. Decrease the needed population.


      • #4
        3.) Fighting/Reinforcements/map:

        - open cities that shouldn't be open STILL IS A PROBLEM. You guys are aware of it since months/years. but for some reason it is still not fixed.

        - We would like to see the unwillingly opening up from cities finally getting fixed since this is the biggest and oldest bug in the game which causes the most trouble.
        - We would like to have the option to be able to see what knight+troops reinforcements that are send to our embassy.
        - we would like to have the option to dismiss reinforced troops from our embassy incase 1 of the reinforcers went offline and we don't want to portal away.
        - We would like have the option when being reinforced to see what knight takes over the marshall position. currently there is a bug that sometimes a reinforced knight takes over the marshall position eventho we've placed our own knight on marshall.
        - Just like in grailwars, we would like to have the "rally" option on the normal map aswell, so we can send rally attacks to a opponent.


        - The current map is way too SLOW. no matter what device you use, or how fast your internet connection is, the map takes to long to load after every swipe on the sceen

        - We would like to have the old map back. We rather care about the speed/friendly interface than the grafics.


        • #5
          4.) Campaign:

          - some players have issues every time they start the campaign. --> a reward from the last battle keeps showing up, but is not usable and dissapears after restarting the game.
          - some players never see the new campaign boss --> Your answer to that is to delete and install the game again. It works... but it's a terrible time wrecking "solution"

          *Drop Complains:
          - Wonderous Secret Gem Stash "chance to win up to 1.000 gems" --> We've asked around in the server.. every time WHEN it drops, it ONLY gives 1 gem! Insane..!
          - Lunete's Token Trunk "chance to win up to 50 lunete's tokens" --> every time WHEN it drops, it only gives 1 lunette token. Insane..!
          - Great Secret Gem Stash "chance to win up to 500 gems" --> Every time when it drops, it gives 1 gem.
          - Merlin's Token trunk "chance to win up to 50 merlin's tokens. --> Every time when it drops, it gives 1 merlin's token.

          I mean, common. Those camps costs an enormous amount of might/troops/stamina to beat. And the chance that 1 of those items drops is realy slim aswell. Therefore we think you guys are fooling around with us. Cause there is nobody around that actually won more than 1 token/gem/lunette at a time.

          *Drop Suggestions:
          - we would like to see that those gem/token/lunette chests actually drop more than 1 gem/token/lunette, especially since lunette tokens are nowhere else to obtain
          - we would like to see more and better T3 drops.
          - we would like to see hero banners in campaign
          - we would like to see lvl 9 juwels in campaign
          - we would like to see actually usefull gears in campaign, not the stone-age ones.
          - we would like to see more and better chances on EXP charms in campaign. The same goes for dust.
          - We would like to see both female heroes in campaign
          - We would like to see new chapters in campaign.


          • #6
            5.) Items:

            Every player has many items/chests that they don't need, they can't use, or they can't open. we totally loose our overview cause of them. We've won/payed for those items in the past, so deleting them is not a option. therefore we would like to see one( or more) of the following options:

            -We currently have a overload of items that most of us don't need or can't use. This include items and chests

            - We would like to be able to donate/trade items to alliance members. ( in the form of a alliance market )
            - we would like to be able to donate items for alliance EXP
            - we would like to be able to trade our items in the round tower for other USEFUL stuff.


            • #7
              6.) Daily things:

              * Hero exploring:
              - put some items in there that are actually current and worthwhile.

              * Merlin's Gift Daily Chance:
              - put some items in there that are actually current and worthwhile.

              - Put some more current gear in there, not the stone-age ones.
              - increase the dust drops.
              - Add EXP charm to wilds/picts.

              - Add some items to pict camps aswell

              *Merlin's madness:

              - The last few weeks you guys are making Merlin's madness for 5, 7 or 10 tokens per game. that's ridiculous. There are ''some'' good items in their, sure. But most of them are seriously not worth that many tokens.

              - Make Merlin's Madness for 1 token --> fill it up with some current items like for example arthur's conscripts, dust, elevation crystals, speedups, fertile cyclones, everlasting portal etc.
              - Make Merlin's Madness for 2 tokens --> fill it up with more usefull items like for example hero medals, the female heroes, master hammers, city/field accelerations, iron/fury etc.
              - Make Merlin's madness for 3 tokens --> fill it up with good troop chests, lvl9 juwels, current gear, imperial/devine training *10, hero banners, stamina potions, big bags with gold.
              - Do not make Merlin's madness for more than 3 tokens...because the items in there are not worth the tokens, and nobody plays it anyway.


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                7.) Events:

                Normal events:

                - mostly events are during the day. Which is quite unfair to people who work/have school during the day vs people who don't have a job/work at nights. They have a huge advantage.
                - most events are only for a few hours, which gives some people an advantage aswell.
                - Since the last few weeks/months, you guys keep holding "blind" events. which in our opinion totally ruins the events.

                - Only hold 12 hours or 24 hour events. That way EVERY player has a chance to participate, which makes it fair for everyone.
                - Announce events a few hours before they actually start. So people are aware of it which results in more participants.
                - Stop holding those "blind" events. People want to see how much might/Tk's are being gained. This works less demotivating and prevents cheating (a bit)

                *Long duration events (a week or longer like for example grail fragements) and/or round tower events:

                - it happens a lot now in the last months, that you guys start long term events to collect stuff. Then 2 days before the long event stops, you guys stop holding event for those collectables and already start a new long term event.
                - almost every Round tower event is actually only for gemmers since you need items from events/the wheel/merlin's madness. which is not fair to non gemmers OR gemmers...

                - Finish what you've started. If the long term event says "49 hours till the end", then actually keep holding events to collect the stuff that is needed for it!
                - After a long term event of a week or more has ended... give us a break will ya and wait with starting another long term event.


                • #9
                  8.) Grailwars:

                  - The rewards kinda suck
                  - only being able to send 10k marches while the opponent could bring 50x122k troops. It takes forever, even with the 50k rally attacks.
                  - Grail war rewards suck and that causes alliances to not participate --> means when the grail war battle has noticed that your enemy didn't show up.

                  - Increase the rewards.
                  - The higher a alliance is ranked, the better the rewards should be.
                  - balance the amount/limit of deploying troops vs the amount/limit you are able to send in marches during battle. Maybe increase the amount with every alliance level up.
                  - give alliances to option during the deploymentfase if they want to accept or deny the challenge. that way people won't end up without a opponent.


                  THE END :-)


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                    Totally agree with bierkes.

                    Thonommm ector 123


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                      Bierkes very well spoken and explained, couldn't have done the job better :-). I totally agree on above topic. The game is dead and changes needs to be made! Brgds Tiwaz ector123


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                        Thank you Bierkes. Your thread totally covers the opinions of most players in Ector123. Both the "big players" as well as the "tiny players". Hopefully Kabam will now open their eyes that the game is more dead than alive and needs a lifesaving injection to prevent more players to stop playing this game. Only interference from Kabam by acting and giving in on our wishes can boost this game positively and makes it fun to play in the future. Richard, aka RichPix from the Union


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                          Thumbs up for Bier. Well said!!


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                            I totally agree with bierkes



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                              I totally agree with Bierkes. i support his suggestions.