Lords and Ladies,

The next session of preseason Grail Wars approaches! With the latest KBN version there have been several improvements to Grail Wars, find these at the end of the message. We'd like to thank-you again for all your feedback and support as we continue to calibrate and improve this feature. The preseason is almost over and soon Grail Wars will officially begin.

For the preseason, the deployment phase is scheduled to start May 8th at 16:00 UTC, with the match time beginning May 9th at 16:00 UTC.
Battle phase begins at 16:30 UTC on May 9th and ends two hours later at 18:30 UTC.
The Reward phase is scheduled to end May 10th at 18:30 UTC.

Remember: you need to deploy troops during this phase to compete!

- Resolved an issue some players had with Knights being unassigned as Outpost Marshall when game is restarted.
- March size attributes are now correctly implemented

Other improvements:
- Prizes have been enhanced
- Matchmaking algorithm has been improved
- You can now enter Glory leaderboard from Rank.
- Donation Limit has been set to ensure more fairness
- Individual Grail War items that are purchased are now dependent on the level of the Alliance