I've been playing hardcore for a year now. Every improvement you all make causes more people to quit. We are now two weeks straight of comps to win a sun fury sword. There are other pieces to this set. Throw some pendragon or even chilvary into the progression to make it interesting. 10...5...and 3 token madness is a joke when we had the past 11 months at 1 and two tokens. Purgatoy was your best approach at this game. We could buy exactly what we needed to improve. Once I came back to my home server i decided to stop buying gems and slowly bleed out until there is nothing left and I can quit too. I've stopped gemming cz I'm tired of gambling. Campaign is a joke unless you wanna hit camp 4 and lose a ton of troops. merlins ball is a joke....Grail wars is a joke. Crap in inventory never gets removed as stated. I'm bored...maybe it's time to find another game. A hundred other complaints but I'm also tired of complaining. Funny that all the merged servers are LOW in attendance...see any flaw here for the once #1 downloaded game.