Spring is finally here and with it comes a challenge! Can you hunt down and find the special "Easter Eggs" throughout Camelot?
There are two chests you can find: one of normal Easter Eggs and one of Golden Easter Eggs.

These can then be exchanged in the Round Tower for amazing prizes! Here are some of the locations where you can find each type:

Easter Eggs: Pictish Camps, Tournaments
Golden Easter Eggs: Event Bosses, Merlin's Madness, Wheel Games

You'll also be able to steal up to 350 Chests of Eggs per day from other players (not Golden Easter Eggs)!! But beware - you also risk losing up to 100 Chests of Easter Eggs a day if you don't defend your cities.

Good hunting!

Event ends: 06/04/2015 at 16:00 UTC
Exchanges will be open until 08/04/2015 at 16:00 UTC
Easter Egg items will be removed when exchanges close.

Easter Gold Prize
Easter Event Grand Prize
This chest contains 1 gear piece from the Pendragon set, Chivalry set or Šoüflikä's Pants or OSO_PEREZOSO's S3 Greatshield

Easter Grand Mystery Chest
Easter Event Grand Mystery Prize
This chest contains mysterious items related to Gear Forging, Strengthening and Jewel Embedding.

Easter Silver Prize
Easter Event Great Prize
This chest contains large amounts of Ghost Archers, Arcane Archers, Crimson Mages, Shadow Assassins and Imperial Guardians.

Easter Mystery Chest
Easter Event Mystery Prize
This chest contains mysterious items related to Knight and Heroes.

Easter Bronze Prize
Easter Event Prize
This chest contains some troops buffs, hourglasses and large amounts of resources.