Lords and Ladies,

Grail Wars will soon begin! Tap the "Outpost" beside your castle - this is where all Grail Wars related actions occur. Inside you can see the countdown to deployment. You can keep an eye on the times of each stage here, as well as deploying troops when this stage begins.
Here are the key times and dates of the first Grail Wars session - start preparing now!

1) Monday, March 30th at 10:00 UTC: Deployment phase begins. If you don’t deploy any troops during this time then you cannot participate in Grail Wars!

2) Tuesday March 31st at 09:45 UTC: Deployment ends and matchmaking begins. During the next 15 minutes you will be matched with another alliance.

3) Tuesday March 31st at 10:00 UTC: Battle begins! This will rage for 12 hours.

4) Tuesday March 31st at 22:00 UTC: Battle ends and rewards can be collected!

5) Wednesday April 1st at 22:00 UTC: Reward phase ends - make sure you've claimed yours by then.

Things to remember:
For questions and other info check previous in-game messages or our forums.

This is a preseason during which we will be testing and adapting Grail Wars, as such, some things may vary in the preseason depending on your realm.

We’d love to have your feedback during this pre-season Grail Wars release so we can try to implement it. You can leave feedback by whispering us with /Kabam or visiting the forums.

Good luck, and may glory follow you!