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Grail Wars Discussion and Feedback Thread

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  • #31
    Hey Ganstack

    With that said I have a better view of the rewards now how they are placed.
    Don't get me wrong, but winning items mostly for improve future battle stats in Grail Wars isn't really motivating to continue for most players.

    I do like the Grail Wars and getting stronger in future battles.
    But aside that, there should be a purpose for doing those battles, not just improve in doing the same thing.
    Maybe some exclusive Grail Wars gears or alliance bonus/boosters for home server?



    • #32
      Originally posted by Ganstack View Post
      Hi Relatyne,

      about the rewards for Grail Wars, there are 4 dimensions to them:

      - Alliance EXP => Allows to level up the Alliance and get alliance buff for Grail Wars and Home server
      - Merits => Allows to get more Grail War items to give an advantage in upcoming battles.
      - Alliance Ranking => Honor and prestige
      - Score rewards => items

      So although the rewards displayed about are the most visible and easiest to associate as reward to Grail Wars, there are also other aspects, right?
      That said, if you have suggestions for what should be there, in other words what would make sense to have as Grail War weekly rewards, I`ll gladly take on the suggestions.



      I have to agree with Relatyne, Gangstack.

      * Alliance EXP rewards --> Is for grail wars purpose only
      * merrits --> Is for grail war purpose only
      * Alliance ranking --> is for grail wars purpose only --> ranks are not rewarded.
      * Score rewards --> is for grail wars purpose only

      The only non grail war related reward would be the items that also give boosts outside of grailwars which we can buy when we have enough merrits and have the needed alliance level.

      We have 5 cities --> 10x122k troops to deploy per city --> will be 50x122k= 6.100.000 troops. --> if we would deploy ALL T6... 6.100.000x288= 1.756.800.000 might,

      Now the point : why should we risk loosing almost 2 billion might per player per grail war battle, for those ''tiny'' rewards.

      * The kills made in grail wars will not add up to our normal TK ranking.
      * Everybody has full hospitals cause of gold problems to heal. Which means every troop killed during grail wars is gone for good.
      * Since we COULD loose "2B!!!!!! might", i realy think you should consider upgrading the rewards massively, since there is honestly no good reason at all to participate in grail wars at the moment. It costs far more than we gain from it.

      I sincerely believe the grail war model could be realy a boost to the game. It just need some modifications so it will be attractive for people to participate

      regards bierkes


      • #33
        Once again (and I feel like I`m saying this everyday) but thanks for your insights.
        The good news is that multiple elements you have suggested are already being worked on.
        I`ll share more information as plans and release dates get finalized.

        BTW, the reinforcing alliance members not getting any scores is also being worked on. We agree that their efforts should be rewarded.

        - Ganstack


        • #34
          We should be thanking you Ganstack for listening and getting back with answers on speed time.

          Thanks for working on improving the rewards system on those who put effort in Grail Wars.
          We shall test it on next battle and give you feedback how it went when you release the update.



          • #35
            We just had a grailwar match. We won the match. We were rank 28(now 26) and we had to fight vs an opponent who was on rank 15 (now still 15)

            We recieved 7 holy booster packages for our victory. See screen below:

            I would like to discuss about the content of the chests, here some examples :

            1.) i must admit that i'm still dissapointed with the given rewards tho. Those items are easily obtainable out of the campaign in the chapter 1,2,3 without any troop loses.
            2.) Me and my fellow alliance mates recieved many chests with the item ''ItemName.i194'' What's that suppose to be? (see screens)

            Regards, Bierkes


            • #36
              Yes indeed. We won 5 of those holy boosters. I didn't play for the prices, but it wouldnt made any difference if you wouldn't give us a price at all.. I rather would have won a few millions gold... lol


              • #37
                Graal war during the final of uefa champions league

                Kabam, YOU MUST MOVE THE DATE OF WAR GRAIL. TOMORROW SATURDAY 20.00 ALL watching the Champions league and no one will participate in the war.


                rednet kay 137


                • #38
                  road to Berlin.... Toc toc I do not make war from the Olympiastadion ...and forza Juventussssssssss
                  go x scooters


                  • #39
                    Originally posted by uippod View Post
                    Kabam, YOU MUST MOVE THE DATE OF WAR GRAIL. TOMORROW SATURDAY 20.00 ALL watching the Champions league and no one will participate in the war.


                    rednet kay 137
                    Why would we watch the champions league final? They don't have swords and armours.


                    • #40
                      Originally posted by FABIOLIN View Post
                      road to Berlin.... Toc toc I do not make war from the Olympiastadion ...and forza Juventussssssssss
                      Ganstack, we are all at the stadium in berlin with Fabiolin, you have to move the war grail. Barcelona - Juventus is the most beautiful game of the year. it makes no sense to fight a war without the player.

                      FORZA JUVE

                      REDNET WORLD KAY 137


                      • #41
                        Ah nice you have free tickets for us all. Thats very good news....... Sorry boys but we have more players in the world as you two . Next week you have more luck. Maybe...


                        • #42
                          Originally posted by PraetorC View Post
                          Ah nice you have free tickets for us all. Thats very good news....... Sorry boys but we have more players in the world as you two . Next week you have more luck. Maybe...
                          the final is The world's most-watched annual sporting event was aired in more than 200 countries – an estimated global average audience in the region of 165 million (and a projected global unique reach of 380 million viewers) .

                          I believe that many do not make war


                          • #43
                            I do have some new feedback for you.
                            Today we had a new grailwars event. We were ranked 98 or 99 before the event. We needed to fight the no 18 alliance. Thats a big difference. We aren't angry about that, we did our best and it was a fair fight. Of course we lost at the end.
                            We had fun thats most important

                            But I do have some complaints about it that should be covered:

                            1. We lost something like 40k against 60k in points. So we really competed pretty well against this far more experienced and a bit bigger alliance. At the end we get our score: we dropped from 98 to 105 in ranking.
                            I think you should take notice of the difference. The ranking should take in account the difference between alliances when counting scores.

                            2. maybe you shouldn't let the no 18 battle with the no 98. In practice we were able to compete... but I don't think a lot of the alliances around us would be able to do so when there is such a big gap.

                            3. we noticed our competitor did send a lot of imps to the grailwars. This was a bit ruining the game. Maybe its an idea to disable imps and crims for grailwars. Or make the troops very weak in grailwars. Don't know if this is possible.
                            Another solution is to give a lot of point to people killing imps & crims. Should be the best idea I think.

                            4. 75% of the lost troops goes to our hospitals. Thats no solution, as most hospitals are already full! You you just give the 75% of the troops back to the players? Until hospitals are working better...


                            • #44
                              Hello Kabam,

                              Grailwars is going on now for quite some weeks. I know you are fine-tuning the system almost weekly to try and bring adjustments to it which improves it. Got a few questions/suggestions tho,

                              1.) the guide is outdated. It only covers the ''launch promo'' with some basic info.
                              2.) i know you are adjusting the system weekly since it was clearly visable that you could score way more points in the grailwar from 2 weeks ago in comparing to the grailwar from last weekend. therefore my following questions will probably hard to answer due to changes been made weekly, but asking you to give us some more detailed info wouldn't hurt, so here i go:
                              2.1) how is the great wonder working? --> how many points do you score by holding it per minute? with reinforcing it? with taking it over from the enemy?
                              2.2) same questions as mentioned in points 2.1 goes for the small wonders.
                              2.3) same questions as mentioned in points 2.1 goes for the debuf locations
                              2.4) how are the kills working? --> do you get points by killing troop amounts? do you get different amount of points by killing certain tire of troops? if so, how many points do you recieve for which tier and for mercany troop kills?
                              2.5) do you also recieve more points when you capture a great wonder/small wonders/debuff locations that is hold by your enemy? or do you get more points when it's not being hold by anymore? if you get points in both cases, are the points the same? or will you get more points if an enemy is holding it instead of nobody is holding is when you capture it? or won't you recieve any points for capturing then but only for holding them a certain amount of time?
                              2.6) when holding the great wonder/small wonders/debuff locations, do the points increase the longer you hold it? or will every minute give the same amount of points each time?
                              2.7) with reinforcing a player or a wonder/buff location, will you get points for that aswell? if so, how many? and if so, will there be a difference in points between holding a wonder or a buff location? and if so, is there a difference in the amount of points you'll recieve between reinforcing your own wonders/buff locations or by reinforce a wonder/buff location from an alliance mate?
                              2.8) with reinforcing your own or your alliance mates wonders/buff locations, will there be a difference in points with how many might or with how many marches you'll reinforce with?

                              Also another question:

                              3.) not sure how many grailwar battles have been launched so far. 7 i believe. soo.. 7 weeks ago we started around rank 34. we lost the first match. after that we won 4 matches straight on a row. In those 5 matches, we ALWAYS had to battle vs opponents that where 1 or 2 ranks above, or below us. The past 2 weeks.. that was not the case. 2 weeks ago we where on rank 28 and we had to battle vs the NR8. and last weekend we where rank 26 and we had to battle vs the NR7. So.. what did change?

                              4.) how EXACTLY are teams being selected to fight eachother? Clearly it's not the grailwar rank.. since for example: we had nr7 vs nr28, and another alliance in our world had nr 48 vs nr126.
                              4.1) Does the total alliance might ranking in your current world effect the opponent selection in some way?
                              4.2) Does the total alliance kill ranking in your current world effect the opponent selection in some way?
                              4.3) Does the total alliance deployed might in grailwars somehow effect which opponent will be chosen?
                              4.4) do the deployed knights/heroes somehow effect the chosen opponent?
                              4.5) If any of the points mentioned above DO effect the chosen opponent... what are the numbers? and how exactly?

                              I already mentioned a few times that it is probably hard for you to answer in exact the numbers, but since we are loosing plenty of our troops there every weekend, i think we deserve to recieve some more knownlegde about those points mentioned here above.

                              Some decent questions in my opinion, and i'm pretty sure that the entire player fanbase are looking for the same answers as i do ;-)

                              Regards, Bierkes


                              • #45
                                I am very interested in:
                                - How to get points during the grailwars (details details details)
                                - How to get individual merits via grailwars, donating, buying gems etc (details details details)
                                - How the opponents are selected (again details details details)

                                I won't want let my army being killed anymore because of a gamble thats named grailwars... Next time I won't send many troops because of the lack of information.