Grail Wars

This brilliant new cross-world Alliance vs Alliance feature combines real-time combat with creative team-based strategy! Grail Wars will see your alliance directly fighting against others on a new unique map!

Things have never been the same since the Grail was smashed into pieces. Camelot and the magic within has been unstable, and last night, during a sacred Druid rite at Stonehenge, something extraordinary happened.

Lightning split the heavens and thunder roared like the very earth was collapsing upon itself. Terrified citizens ran for safety, but curiosity soon brought them creeping back. The sight they beheld was unlike anything ever seen before. A gigantic ball of light enveloped Stonehenge as the air blurred and hummed around it. And although it was night time, in the middle of the stones it seemed like day! As some cautious Knights approached, they peered into the vision - and could see a desert landscape and a piercing blue sky. One brave - or foolish - Knight leapt into the void. A cry of shock went up as he disappeared, only to reappear a few moments later - unharmed, and with a handful of sand.

Stonehenge has become a portal to another place...or even another world. Scouts report a vast desert, dotted with oases, pastures and other wonderful buildings. It appears deserted...What caused this portal to form? Some blame the Druids, but most blame the destruction of the Grail. But even the blind can see the opportunities now presented!

What lies within? The armies of Camelot begin to enter....and fight. It seems Camelot has a new battleground - the Grail Wars are upon us!

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