We continue listening to you and working to offer our players the best game experience possible. With this in mind we will update the campaign drops according to player feedback.

By attacking campaign now you will find:
- More Hero Medals than ever.
- Resources and Speed-ups in low Levels.
- Arthur Conscripts, Portals and population items.
- Blood Fury and Iron Skins.
- Divine Inspiration and Elevation.
- Knight items to help everyone to catch up on them from the beginning.
- Troops from Tier 1 to Tier 6, including Mercenary Troops!
- Master Hammers up to level 11.
- EXP Charms (Copper, Iron, Bronze and Silver)
- Jewels up to level 7.
- Gem Chests with chances to win hundreds of them.
- Lunete’s and Merlin’s Tokens chests with the chance to win 50 of them.

You will win more valuable items with every attack! We will announce when this change is complete in the following days. Stay tuned to your in-game messages. In the meantime, let us know your feedback here.