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Grail Fragment Event System – Feedback Thread

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  • #76
    exchange rate

    In our server only handful do the fragments most players dont care, as they see how many fragments u need just get a prize Its discouragen right from get go. If you changed the prizes to cost alot less fragments then more players might get involved but as current structure most playets do not engage in this event.

    And the very few that do normally hit city solace and they stay open while stealing your fragments with defense be so one sided in 133 theirs nothing u can really do but try find their city solace. Those everlast ports in my opinion have damaged the game and fighting of it as well to many hit u and port away before u can even load map to attempt hit back.

    Its nice have everlast ports but their should be a time limit before you can port again to allow the other player to interact, attack back maybe something like can only port once every 15 mins or so be better. Makes the porter have to fight or transfer rss to other city or open to fight in which case still has advantage as def in 133 far outweighs attack.

    Fragments is a failure majoriyy dont care for them and they should be in one city only u want them kill my troops.


    • #77
      choice of weekend steeling

      I wonder if the team of Kabam knows that there are people who have to work during the weekends; nurses, fireman but also man who work in production of cars for example. Are they free to choose there weekend then? ;Monday /Tuesday
      Sorry people but this is ridiculous, wake up. We gave to earn money to be able to spend it at Kabam.


      • #78
        Originally posted by Lord Lohki View Post
        Thanks for the feedback some1from80,

        In the example above 5000 grail fragment would be the only fee. With this example we want to provide to every players more flexibility on how they protect their grail fragments. The value I used were just for the example.

        This feature relies on players interactions between them. To fine tune it and improve it we need to see how players behave and we need your feedback. Those 2 critical factors can't be obtained with a deactivated feature.

        Over the past few days, I have requested that you, our players vote to help us reshape this feature. And we are going in the right direction. The Community's exchanges are a huge success. A lot of players voted and enjoyed the exchanges now in the Round Tower.

        What can you expect for the future?
        More exchanges to vote for, a regular community's exchanges rotation and a full rework of existing exchanges.
        Well, a major red flag I see is the 5000 fee being "just an example". That was already a 10% fee. I could honestly see you all deciding to increase that to 20%. I am also sure that there would be a limit to the percentage of the total amount of owned fragments that could be protected. For example, if someone has 500000 fragments, they can only protect half. Another option would be a fixed maximum number of fragments that can be protected. For example, only 100000 can be protected, no matter how many someone has.

        This is where I also need to mention the huge award imbalance between EU and NA. If you set a hard limit too far below the lowest exchange, such as a limit of 60000, due to the extremely low payouts on NA servers, you really don't help the people on the low end, as they have little chance of getting a 40000 payout when the maximum standard payout for first place on NA servers is 56250.

        On the other hand, if you set a hard limit higher, like 500000, for NA servers you would create a large percentage of the total population of the server to be immune from stealing, again due to the extremely low payouts on NA.

        If talking only about EU, the same issue would generally happen, except far fewer would be immune with a higher limit due to the significantly higher payout on EU.

        In both EU and NA, you could encourage low exchanges by a high limit, but I figure adding this functionality will give you all too much temptation to raise the lowest available exchange to a higher number of fragments and/or alter the contents and/or prize drop odds to reduce average prize value per exchange.

        A mutually agreeable reasonable fair value needs to be established. Given the frequency of very poor rewards from single energy hero exploring now, your idea of fair value would seem to differ from even a low-end idea of fair value from our side. Example: There is no value to me, on an established world, with Season 5 / Chivalry / Pendragon gear, in receiving a "Spear of Shadows" today when that was something I last used 18-24 months ago.

        I don't know how to make anything workable if our valuation of items is that far out of alignment.


        • #79
          Originally posted by Lord Lohki View Post


          We really want for the Grail fragment to be engaging for all players and we truly believe it allows players from different level of experience to get a steady empowering curve. In addition, we wanted to promote Risk/reward strategy with these items.

          Today at 14:00 UTC the vote for the Weekend ONLY stealable Grail fragments will be over. Based on the community's vote we will deploy for a test period the changes asked.

          We have a few ideas to allow players more flexibility in their Grail fragments management.

          Here are some thoughts that we are working on:
          Grail Fragments strong boxes, these boxes would contain an amount of Grail fragments and would be protected from theft.
          Player A has 50,000 Grail fragments and want to protect them.
          He can exchange these 50,000 Grail fragments in the Round Tower for a 45,000 Grail fragments strong box.
          When player A wants to use the Grail fragments he can open the strong box and get the Grail fragments.

          I understand your point. stealing grail fragments only at 1 city is indeed too hard for lower players. What about this idea:

          everybody can steal 5.000 fragments per attack at 4 cities of a player
          If you try to steal them from his troop city --> you can steal 10.000 per attack. (which means the steal-limit has to be doubled at the troopcity aswell ofcourse), otherwise it has no use since you can steal the same total amount with 5.000 per time, it just needs a few more attacks.

          That way it basically will be same as it is now. Weak and strong, both can steal fragments. The only thing being added now, is that players are rewarded to attack troopcities in order to steal the double amount of fragments. Now lower class players still have a chance, but you will encourage everybody to fight more if they want more fragments.

          Regarding your fragment boxes idea:
          Eventho if you can only box a certain amount of fragments, stronger players will be in a disadvantage. players who only have a few fragments, they will box them. which means that players with a low amount of fragments can still steal from others, but others can't steal from them. with this option you bring players with many fragments(who are saving them) in a disadantage, because you decrease the ''player-pool'' from whom they can steal them. And if you can box ALL your fragments.. then ofcourse everybody will do that, and then there will be way less action around.

          i honestly believe this idea will be the most fair for every player:
          Storehouses at *21 + shrinking powder lvl10, together, they can protect 4m per resource per city if i am correct.

          Do the same with fragments.. but make it like 500.000 fragments max per city. with means every player who has 5 cities, can protect 2.5m fragments. Everything aobve that number can be stolen (without a daily limit).

          This way you give weaker players a fair chance to save some fragments up, without the option of being stolen.
          This way you give every player the oppertunity to decide for themselves if they want to gamble to save more then 2.5m in total.
          This way people who decide to keep more then 2.5m fragments, can be targetted, without a daily limit for fragments. It will massively increase the action on the servers, and you don't force players to limit their options.
          the more fragments a player will save,, the bigger target he will become. eventually all that's left is the question: how much might does he wants to surrender in order to keep his precious fragments.

          cheers, bierkes


          • #80
            Just wanted to again mention the enormous difference between EU and NA.

            Given that I, as a non-gemming NA player, would likely get an average of 1000 per event, to reach 2500000, that would require 2500 events. If the events were 3 hours long and the only event type run every day, 2500/8 ~= 313 days @ 24x7 participation.

            The gemmers would never stand for that arrangement. The howling calls of unfairness would be all over these boards, in support tickets, in social media, review sites, App Store, Google Play, and probably other places...


            • #81
              I thought about it this weekend and my conclusion is:
              Don't change anything.
              When you are active you can steal more fragments then you can loose. So it's nice that the active players (gemmer or non-gemmer) can spare some.
              Of course its irritating when you see someone is attacking you 20 times a day.. but its just part of the game. Do the same against him or his alli mates.

              The only thing I want to add: the chests we can buy are a bit to expensive. Specially the grail legendary chest. Maybe you can make those a bit cheaper. Specially because we can different prices, so it takes some time to win the prices we want...


              • #82
                Hello all,

                Last Friday you were asked to vote if you wanted the Grail Fragments to be stealable only during the weekend. It was a success - a lot of you replied and the NO won.

                We initially designed the Grail Fragments system so that all players can enjoy them, from a veteran player who wants to replenish his stock of utility items to newer players who want to progress further in the game.
                As a result of the survey, I would like to present you a reworked system for Grail Fragments exchanges!

                Exchange system:

                4 monthly core exchanges
                3 Community Exchanges (changed weekly)

                We are going to change the Community's Exchange from a monthly rotation to a Weekly rotation! (Meaning that each week you can vote for exchanges that will be in the Round Tower the next week).

                We want to provide more guaranteed & specific prizes. Example: Gear specific armoury chest vs. a chance to get Gear specific armoury chest.

                We want to provide improved ways to engage and reward everyone. To do so, players will be able to get a “Royal Writ” in the Round Tower. These Royal Writs can be used to exchange for the Core exchanges.

                As Kingdom of Camelot is a live game, it means that this system is ever evolving based on your feedback!

                If you have any question or want to give feedback on this system please reply!


                • #83
                  That sounds good!


                  • #84
                    So with grail fragments we can buy:

                    - weekly prices
                    - Royal Writs

                    With royal writs we can buy:
                    - monthly core exchanges

                    So via the royal writs we can make sure fragments aren't stealed. Do we get a possibility to trade those Writs back to fragments? Or do we need to make up our minds before we buy a Royal Writ?

                    I'd like the idea about the weekly rotation. Good idea!
                    Personally I don't like the royal writs idea, but ok... I know others think different about it. I hope you will keep an eye to this topic and make changes if people don't like it / it has negative side-effects?


                    • #85
                      Originally posted by PraetorC View Post
                      So with grail fragments we can buy:

                      - weekly prices
                      - Royal Writs

                      With royal writs we can buy:
                      - monthly core exchanges

                      So via the royal writs we can make sure fragments aren't stealed. Do we get a possibility to trade those Writs back to fragments? Or do we need to make up our minds before we buy a Royal Writ?

                      I'd like the idea about the weekly rotation. Good idea!
                      Personally I don't like the royal writs idea, but ok... I know others think different about it. I hope you will keep an eye to this topic and make changes if people don't like it / it has negative side-effects?
                      You can get the core exchanges for Grail Fragments or Royal Writs. Royal Writs are a way to allow all players to progress to a goal.

                      Let's take an example: (Value are just for the example)

                      A Master hammer 12 would cost 3.3 millions Grail Fragment or 33 Royal Writs.

                      A newer player could work his way toward get this exchange by winning Royal Writs and be sure that after a while he will get this specific exchange.

                      Be sure that we will monitor the feedback to improve this feature.