Lords and Ladies,
The legendary Grail has been sought across the land for years. Many thought it was a myth – others held the faith, following old clues and rumours to dusty crypts or burial mounds, searching for the Grail but finding nothing but disappointment. That has now changed!

Two weeks ago, during a ferocious storm, the coastal castle of Dunluce was holding a feast. But in the middle of the night with a horrible grinding noise, the battering waves did what no man had done – they brought a part of the castle plunging down into the sea beneath. Many perished, but what the survivors saw the next morning in the dawn light shocked them. Exposed by the missing portion of the castle was a small cave, in it, a huge dish. On the dish was carved the strange beast, half scorpion and half dragon, known as a Mantivern.

The image of this beast was always known to adorn the Grail – finally, it was found! But more tragedy followed. Rumour spread about the find of this legendary item, and a neighbouring lord sent troops to steal it. Having lost half of his castle, Lord Dunluce was not going to lose the Grail to an enemy. As his men died on the swords of their foes, he cast it off a cliff, where it shattered on the rocks below. Lord Dunluce was hacked down, and the enemy troops greedily climbed down the cliff to gather the pieces. And then, knowing the value of what they held in their hands, they killed their own Lord and fled, each man with a pocket full of priceless treasure and a head full of dreams.
Now the Grail Fragments lie scattered across the land of Camelot!