Lords and Ladies,

Here is a Camelot update, or what is going on right now and what you can expect!

We're happy to announce that changes to the campaign are underway. We are working on new campaign drops that are more tailored for each realm, introducing new prizes! This will include gems, gear, top items and more. Our aim is to provide a more exciting campaign experience. We are also going to improve the Explore feature in the same way!

Stay tuned for updates - this is a work in progress, but full details will follow when the next improved campaign version goes live. Timeline: planned for February.

There's been a lot of events in the past where you end up with items that you can't use in the future. Currently we're planning ways to allow everyone to exchange these items, and hopefully more, in the Round Tower. More information on this will also follow soon! Timeline: planned for February.

The event system will in the next few weeks be undergoing some changes and improvements. The design will be to improve reward tiers and allow more players more prizes. Timeline: planned for February.

Alliance Emblems:
This is a exciting new feature that we are planning on releasing before the end of the month! It will allow customisation of alliance banners! Timeline: planned by end of the month.

Please note all timelines are subject to change depending on certain factors and may be postponed or released earlier - in both cases we will keep you updated!

Thanks for reading the newsletter!

Your KBN Team