We, people who play in Lancelot136, are really tired of your lack of interest in us and the spanish servers.

Last weekend we sent to your Company thousands of reclaims and told you that we were going on a strike but, as the communications were in Spanish, you didn’t hear us.-

This time we are writing to you in English so as to give you the opportunity of doing some change.

Your offers, promos and prizes in other language servers are too different and extremely generous.

The difference that Kabam is making between the spanish servers and the ones spoken in English, German, Portuguese, russian, etc., is a real DISCRIMINATION.

We buy gems, we waste time and money, but we really feel disappointed and frustrated due to your mistreatments.


We cannot continue in this way.

From this moment we are going on a strike for 96 hours that shall be continued until Kabam will provide us a solution, or until we get tired and, definitely, decide to leave the game.

We really hope this time you can understand the seriousness of our petition.

Kabam is going against the Consumers Rights by violating the terms of international treaties, by making differences between the consumers, and by practicing RACISM with us and we are not going to allow that happens, anymore.

United Alliances of Lancelot136