The legend states the Holy Grail was never found. But according to the old, wise men of Camelot it was instead kept hidden in an abandoned castle. When the bravest knights of the Kingdoms found their way to the Castle, the Holy Grail was nowhere to be found. However in the crypt it was stored, the explorers discovered Jewels that had been mounted on the Grail.
These jewels conserved and increased the power of the Grail and when equipped to Gear will provide extraordinary power!

• Ruby: Increases Attack
• Emerald: Increases March Size
• Sapphire: Increases Life
• Diamond: Increases Speed

Only the best jewelers of Camelot can work them and are able to mount them on the Knight Gear. Show you are worthy to have them by collecting ‘Jeweler Tokens’.

How to find ‘Jeweler Tokens’?
Participate in Tournaments and Event Centre Events running in the following days to win these.

How to win Jewels:
Players across all servers with the highest amount of ‘Jeweler Tokens’ will win the following prizes:
1st place will get 3x Ruby (level 6), 3x Sapphire (level 6) and 3x Diamond (level 6)
2nd Place will get 2x Ruby (level 6) and 2x Sapphire (level 6)
3rd Place will get 1x Ruby (level 6) and 1x Sapphire (level 6)
4th Place will get 1x Sapphire (level 6)
5th – 10th Place will get 1x Diamond (level 6)
11th – 25th Place will get 5x Jeweler Mystery Chest (chance to win jewels)
25th to 50th Place will get 3x Jeweler Mystery Chest (chance to win jewels)
51th to 100th Place will get 1x Jeweler Mystery Chest (chance to win jewels)

**Check out the Classification in the event Centre to see who has the most ‘Jeweler Tokens’
***And that’s not all, stay tuned to the different events running where you can also directly win Jewels!