The festival of Halloween has started in Camelot! But spooky news – Merlin has lost some Candies! One type of candy is Poisonous, and the other is Magical. Anyone who eats them will either die or be turned into a frog. King Arthur doesn’t know they're lost yet and Merlin is terrified he will find out.

Where could the Candies be? Merlin thinks he knows, and he’ll reward any Lord or Lady who can find them and bring them back to him!

You can find Magical Candies in Merlin’s Madness and Poisonous Candies in the wheel game. Another message with the full list of reward exchanges will follow. But hurry – there’s only a limited time to find these cursed sweets!

Merlin's Madness! - Servers: 99,104,105,106,107,108,109,110,111,88,89,91,92,93, 96

Halloween is almost here and Merlin seems to be affected even more than usual! Play now for a chance to win items like:

Corruptor Gear
Magical Candies
Witch Masks
Trick or Treat Candies
Grail 240
Mystic 240
Mystery Chests...

and lots, lots more!!

Merlin's Fear exchanges

Here are the rewards Merlin is offering!

1x Poisonous Candy = 5x Silver Hero Medal
1x Magical Candy = 2x Gold Hero Medal
3x Poisonous Candy = 1x Magical Candy
2x Poisonous Candy = 1x Bronze Royal chest
2x Poisonous Candy + 1x Magical Candy = 2x Bronze Royal chest
1x Poisonous Candy + 2x Magical Candy = 1x Silver Royal chest
3x Poisonous Candy + 2x Magical Candy = 2x Silver Royal chest
5x Poisonous Candy + 5x Magical Candy = 1x Gold Royal Chest
8x Poisonous Candy + 8x Magical Candy = 1x Platinum Royal Chest

Below is the content of the top prize chest - the other box content can be found in the forums!

Platinum Royal chest

This chest contains one of the following:
4x Gold Medal
12x Silver Medal
PLUS one of the following:
4x Total Master Hammer Lv 7,8,9 or 10
PLUS one of the following:
x40 80 or 120 Enchantment Dust Package
PLUS one of the following:
x4, 8 or 12 Speed-Up Chest
40x Witch's Mask
1x Corruptor Helm Chest
1x Corruptor Armor Crate
5x Grail Training (L240)
25x Special Candies