Lords and Ladies of Camelot,

We are happy to announce the winners of the Cross World Tournaments from September 9th at 09:00 UTC and September 10th at 09:00 UTC.

Here are the winners:

Prize List:
Top Players in entire game (x-world)
  • 1: 3000x Trophies, 1x Level 1-9 Master Hammer
  • 2: 1750x Trophies, 1x Level 1-8 Master Hammer
  • 3: 1700x Trophies, 1x Level 1-7 Master Hammer
  • 4-25: 1650x Trophies, 1x Level 1-6 Master Hammer
  • 26-50: 1600x T
  • 51-100: 1500x T

All prizes have been distributed today, September 11th.