For those of us who still have buildings to elevate and are using surveyed gems to do so: it seems the odds of getting good amounts of crystals has increased for exchanging rubies and emeralds lately, but the exchange rates of wondrous crystals for sapphires has worsened. The last 2 or 3 times I've opened 60-80 boxes of wondrous crystals, I've gotten 1-5 wondrous crystals in each chest, and only a couple of those times did I get 5 crystals. In opening hundreds of boxes of wondrous crystals, I never once got 250 crystals. The most recent time of opening 70 boxes, every single box had 1-3 wondrous crystals. By contrast, my enchanted boxes now usually have 8-12 crystals per gem exchange and the rubies boxes usually have 10 or more mystic crystals. It looks as though the odds for more mystic and enchanted crystals have been increased while the odds for getting a good exchange on wondrous crystals have been slashed to practically nothing. Since you've bettered the odds for mystic and enchanted crystals, can you now increase the odds for better wondrous crystal chests?