Lord and Ladies of Camelot,
Sentries and Guards on the ramparts have complained to their Captains. They thought it is unfair that regular Troops get to eat hot, generous meals while they starve protecting your citizens.
They sent an emissary to the King's Court and the wise Arthur agreed, saying that defenders should be rewarded for their dedication to the cause.
A Royal Decree has now been sent. The servants of:
Traps, Caltrops and Wall-mounted Crossbows will now cost 1 Food Upkeep.
Defensive Trebuchets, Boiling Oil and Spiked Barriers will now cost 3 Food Upkeep.
Greek Fires, Persian Sulfur and Hellfire Throwers will now cost 5 Food Upkeep.

This measure will be soon applied to the Hardcore Server and you should plan accordingly! A messenger will confirm when the Decree is being applied.