Lords and Lady of Camelot,

The dark times foreseen by the Druids are finally upon us. The signs are stronger than ever and Camelot must be ready to face the malevolent forces that approach.

The only hope lies in some unique artifacts, crafted in ages past by powerful mages who names are now long forgotten. But the power contained within these is simply too fierce for many, and only those who show enough strength and guile to hold them in the name of the King will be granted the right to possess them. In order to discover who is truly worthy, the mightiest must compete in Avalon. Arthur will provide resources and items to help you begin, but then it’s up to you. In this land of epic battles and fights, the mightiest will vanquish!

Promises of Glory and Power!

- Epic rewards and more exciting surprises to be announced soon!

- Not for the faint of heart - this is Hardcore!
- Desertion is ON (if you run out of food, your troops will start to leave).
- Hide Troop feature is de-activated (your army will fight to death and there will be no safe haven for your enemies!)
- Beginner Protection is reduced to only 24 hours, so get ready to fight!
- The server will appear in the "other" tab for you to join.

- Achievement system (Get rewards as you progress)
- Revamped Defense Unit stats, building defensive troops now costs a small amount of gold, but their fighting abilities have been improved to withstand attacks from higher Tiers.
- You can train all troops in all cities (provided you meet the technological requirements)
- Exclusive Tournaments