Show off your Alliance pride to the community by sharing your Alliance's motto! Work with your Alliance members to come up with something epic to represent yourselves, as there will only be one entry per Alliance! Five random Alliances from the forums and 5 random Alliances from @Events-EU will each receive 20 Gems!

Event Starts: March 6th, 2014 @12:00
Event Ends: March 11th, 2014 @11:59

How to enter:
1. Reply to this thread with your Alliance’s motto, Alliance name and world
2. Send us an email at [email protected] with the subject: “Alliance War Cry Contest”, including your Alliance’s motto, Alliance name and world.
3. The motto must be no longer than 50 words
4. Only 1 entry per Alliance

Note: All entries submitted at [email protected] will also be posted by us in this forum thread.

Prizes will be granted 2-5 days after the event ends.

-The Battle for the North Team

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