Mighty Knights,

King Arthur is inviting all the residents of the Northern Territories to redeem the Lancelot’s Amulets they collect through our promotions and mystery chests.

Starting today, all Lords and Ladies can visit the Round Tower Event section and exchange their Lancelot’s Amulets for Wondrous Crystals!

How does it work?

Go to your Round Tower and select the Events tab. Select the preferred option and redeem the Lancelot’s Amulets you have gathered so far.

What are the exchange rates?
1. For 1 Lancelot’s Amulet, you receive 15 Wondrous Crystals
2. For 3 Lancelot’s Amulets, you receive 50 Wondrous Crystals
3. For 10 Lancelot’s Amulets, you receive 200 Wondrous Crystals

More Events are coming soon to the Round Tower, so keep an eye on the forums and your in-game messages for more details.