Mighty Nights of Camelot,

We are proud to announce the next levels of Elevate are coming! Elevate your *4 buildings to the next levels and unlock the ability to train T4 Troops, march with larger armies and more!

Elevate buildings *5 through *7 features:

- Castle – Allows you to unlock more buildings to elevate
- Rally Point – Send out larger Marches
- Barracks – Train the mighty Siege Towers!
- Walls – Unlock more Defensive Units spaces
- Storehouse – Protect more resources
- Cottages – Raise your Population Limit
- Resource Buildings – Increase Resource production of all your field buildings.

Please note Elevating buildings to *5 - *7 will require NEW Resource Crystals:
- Enchanted Crystals – Needed to Elevate buildings *5 and *7.

Get ready to Elevate! More information will be coming soon.