Lords and Ladies of Camelot,

King Arthur is looking for the strongest Knights in the World to defeat the powerful enemy Cities! Only the bravest Knights will visit the designated target and test their strength!

Attack the designated enemy City before the end of the event period to participate. You will be ranked on the amount of Might Killed. To win, you must have the greatest total amount of Might killed during the event period.

The top 100 players with the greatest amount of Might Killed will win the following Prizes:

1st: 25 Crusade Tickets
2nd - 3rd: 10 Crusade Tickets
4th - 10th: 5 Crusade Tickets
11th - 50th: 3 Crusade Tickets
51st - 100th: 1 Crusade Tickets

The Tournament begins Tuesday, August 20th at 8 AM UTC and ends at 19 PM UTC. No entry necessary, all players of this World will be eligible

The Top Ranked players will be displayed on the leaderboard and their prizes will be awarded at the end of the Event!

Good Luck!