A new EXCLUSIVE Knight Level 220 will be unlocked soon! Get a Level 220 Knight and receive all of the following benefits:
+ 110% increase in Attack and Life of Defenders
+ 110% increase in Training, Research, and Construction speed
+ 220 % increase in Resource production

How do I get a Level 212 Knight?

You can now upgrade a Knight to Level 212 through the following methods:

- Attacking Pictish Camps or Players
- Using the following training items: Train with Kay, Train with Galahad, Train with Arthur

How do I get a Level 215 Knight?

You can upgrade a Knight from Level 212 to 215 with Mystic Trainings. Each Mystic Training item allows you to upgrade your Knight ONE level up to level 215.
You can also upgrade your Knight with a Grail Training (L215). A Grail Training (L215) will instantly upgrade your Knight to Level 215.

How do I get a Level 220 Knight?

Level 220 Knights can only be won through promotions and competitions at the moment. Look out for these events in game!