Since a few weeks we have an extra grailwars in the week. I do have few questions / opinion about it

- Some allies / players are complaining about 2 times a week : too little time to heal troops!

- The Grailwars session are always on Saturday & Wednesday. And always in the evening & at noon. Why? (EU-time / the netherlands)

- If you loose, you get -/- points.

What would be best:

1. Give alliances the possibility to block one of the two sessions. That way we could prevent that small players go to grailwars without leaders: and prevent losing your ranking.
Let's say you block the Wednesday-session: you cant block the next Saturday session. Or viceversa. You must play once a week!

2. Change the start time: first saterday, start at noon. Next saterday, start in the evening. Wednesday viceversa. Alternative would be to change the Saturday to noon and the wednesday to evening.
Mostly we are players from Europe and we are working at wednesday at noon.

And I would like a grailwars without Crims and Imps.. but thats nice to have...