During his daily stroll through the forest, Merlin spotted a strange yet somehow familiar figure hiding in the bushes. He cast some light on this strange silhouette, but the figure sprinted off, leaving just a trace of dust in the air.

Further investigation revealed this to be one of the famous Dark Rangers, warriors living in the desert lands where Grail Wars was fought. These fighters are attracted to dark matter that could be used to lure more of them into Camelot!

Due to a special aura around Grail Wars, those troops were able to evolve into incredibly fast warriors reaching an astonishing speed! Upon leaving those lands, their bonuses are nullified.

Collect as much Dark Matter as possible and welcome those warriors into your army!

For the next days you will have a chance to win Dark Rangers! Collect Dark Matter to win.

You can find it in 5 different boxes: Flask, Cup, Cauldron, Barrel and Cart, each containing more Dark Matter than the previous one!

Open the boxes and check the leaderboard to see how you rank!

The top 5000 players will be rewarded and the event starts now.

Tip: Start looking in the Camps! You will find a Flask of Dark Matter there...

Dark Rangers - prizes!

Here are the chest contents:

Ranger Army
- 200,000 Dark Rangers
- 200,000 of Siege Towers, Fire Ballistae or War Wagons
- 3 Master Hammers (LVL 12)
- Grand Flawed Ruby
- Grand Flawed Emerald
- Grand Flawed Sapphire
- Grand Flawed Diamond

Ranger Company
- 100,000 or 150,000 Dark Rangers
- 100,000 or 150,000 of Siege Towers, Fire Ballistae or War Wagons
- 2 Master Hammers (LVL 11 or 12)
- one grand flawed jewel (any kind)

Ranger Squad
- 60,000, 80,000 or 100,000 Dark Rangers
- 60,000, 80,000 or 100,000 of Siege Towers, Fire Ballistae or War Wagons
- Master Hammer (LVL 10, 11 or 12)
- one large brilliant jewel (any kind)

Patrol Unit
- 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 Dark Rangers
- 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 of Siege Towers, Fire Ballistae or War Wagons
- Master Hammer (LVL 10 or 11)
- one large smooth jewel (any kind)
- Grail Training (LVL 250 or 255)

Lone Ranger
- 1,000 or 2,000 Dark Rangers
- 1,000, 2,000 or 5,000 of Heavy Cavalry, Battering Rams or Catapults
- 1,2 or 5 of Blood Lust or Barskin
- 1,000, 2,000 or 5,000 of Cavalry, Swordsmen or Ballistae
- one large flawed jewel (any kind)

Event Begins: 25/08/2015
Event Ends: 03/09/2015 @ 09:00 UTC
Prizes will be distributed within 5 working days after the event ends.
At the end of the event Dark Matter items will be exchanged for gold.