The King Arthur has ordered his quartermaster to clear out the Royal vaults!

Silver Sword and Exclusive Ghost Archers and Master Hammer +12 are now included, plus other AMAZING prizes!

You can now exchange Arthur's Seal for an Arthur's Treasure box.
*Exchanges will be open until July 18th at 09:00 UTC.

This chest contains 4 chests of different quality (Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary). One of these chest is at least of Rare quality (or higher).

Here is the list of items per quality:

Legendary Arthur's Treasure box:

1x Sun Fury Sword
1x Sun Fury Legplates
1x Sun Fury Helmet
1x Sun Fury Shield
1x Sun Fury Breastplate
1x Soul Burner Sword
1x Soul Burner Legplates
1x Soul Burner Helmet
1x Silver Sword
1x Soul Burner Breastplate
5x 10000 Ghost Archers
10x 10000 Ghost Archers
10x Gold EXP Charm
8x 10000 Templars
8x 10000 Megaballistae
8x 10000 Mounted Templars
1x Master Hammer (Lv11)
5x Rose Banner Lv1
1x Divine Training(*Lv10)
1x Master Hammer (Lv12)

Epic Arthur's Treasure box:

1x Master Hammer (Lv10)
1x Master Hammer (Lv9)
1x Master Hammer (Lv8)
5x Divine Elevation
1x Large Smooth Ruby
1x Large Flawed Emerald
1x Large Smooth Sapphire
1x Large Smooth Diamond
4x Token Chest
1x Master Hammer (Lv10)
1x Sacred Guidance (L60)
3x Rose Banner Lv1
1x Gold EXP Charm
20000 Siege Towers
20000 Fire Ballistae
15000 War Wagons
15000 Testudos
15000 Fire Catapults
15000 Scythe Carts
1 Divine Training 5*

Rare Arthur's Treasure box:

1x Silver EXP Charm
1x Everlasting Portal
2x Ironskin
2x Blood Fury
10x Gold Hero Medallion
2x Arthur's Hourglass
2x 500,000 Gold
2x Merlin's Hourglass
2x 500,000 Food
2x Divine Hourglass
2x 500,000 Wood
1x Celestial Hourglass
2x 500,000 Stone
5x Enchantment Dust Package
2x 500,000 Ore
2x Rose Banner
1x Master Hammer (Lv6)
1x Master Hammer (Lv7)
1x Arthur's Conscripts
1 Grail training 255

Common Arthur's Treasure box:

1x 12H Dove of Peace
1x Master Hammer (Lv2)
1x Master Hammer (Lv3)
1x Master Hammer (Lv4)
1x Copper EXP Charm
1x Bronze Rare Enchantment Dust Chest
1 Grail Training 250
5x 1000 Cavalry
5x 1000 Swordsmen
5x 1000 Ballistae
5x 1000 Heavy Cavalry
5x 1000 Battering Rams
5x 1000 Catapults
3x Gold Hero Medallion
1x Portal of Order
1x Rose Banner
1x Iron Hammer
1x Honor Banner
1x Bronze Common Enchantment Dust Chest
1x Bronze Uncommon Enchantment Dust Chest