1. We will update the contents of the Divine chest which accompanies some gem purchases on June 25th.

In order to ensure that the previous Divine chest is not affected, the system will automatically open all old Divine chests in players? inventories on June 24th.

If a player has Divine chest(s) in inventory, the items in the chest(s) will be sent to the player by mail, and the player needs to claim the items from the mail within 10 days. Please check your mail between June 24th and 30th to make sure you can claim any items which are sent to you.

You can also open any Divine chests in your inventory by yourself before June 24th, if you prefer.

2. Grim Escort will be open on June 24. The first week of Grim Escort's opening will be the testing phase, and we welcome your participation and feedback. After the test, we will make adjustments based on your feedback, and then Grim Escort will become the resident game that will be opened every day. Get ready to attack it to get a lot of resources!

3. World Boss and Magic Labyrinth will be coming next week :wink: