Dear Lords and Ladies,

In order to bring you better game experience and service quality, KBN will be suspended for maintenance from 06:00 to 10:00 (UTC) on May 22.All Lords and Ladies, please get ready to log off in advance!

New Features:
  • Discover active new worlds with friends, new and old!
  • Chat and Mail Translation
  • Introducing the Grim Escort! The Mysterious Resource Carrier!

  • Alias for Knights
  • Use of Conscript
  • Gear Details in Round Tower
  • Clover Timer
  • Divine Lab Buff Applicability
  • Recall Mining March Confirmation
  • Crystal Icon Change
  • Dragon Crusade
  • Reduce Porting Time

Bug Fixes:
  • Info Refresh
  • Attack Notification
  • Unable to Port

We hope you enjoy the new update!