Dear Lords and Ladies of Camelot,

Grail Wars are an exciting feature of the game. The 2-hour battles require strategy and teamwork as you and your alliance transport to the Grail Wars Battlefield to fight against another alliance, often from another server! Battles usually take place twice per week (currently Wednesday and Saturday evenings UTC). Some of our seasoned Grail Wars players have compiled these notes to help new teams and players join in the fun.

Kabam GW Introduction Video

When you deploy, send first the Knights you want to use in the order you want to use them. Once in gw, the Knights show up in the order deployed and it's frustrating to have to search for the ones you want. Knights periodically shuffle during gw and rearrange from highest level to lowest, but they return to the order in which they were deployed.

TIP: Deploy marshal first and assign it immediately. Go to the my troops tab in your outpost to assign an outpost marshal.

TIP: Use knights of the same level for specific functions so they are easy to find if the order shuffles. (Example: speed knights level 44, rally support knights level 45, etc)

Grail wars has different dynamics than most players are used to because of the limits on how many troops you can bring. Knights with a mix of attack and defense attributes can be deadly, both as attackers and as marshals.

Basic knights you will need:

  • GW Marshal
    • Note: a good grail marshal is key, but unlike regular worlds, "best" varies wildly and changes every time new gear comes out.
    • What is best for you will be determined by a number of factors, including how many troops you are bringing, how strong your gear and heroes are in general, how big your team is, how much time you plan to play, and what role(s) you will have in the battle.

  • Regular Attack
  • Mixed Attack (if setting rallies or planning to test outposts)
  • Knights with speed Boosts if you have any gear with speed attributes to help you get to buff tiles/wonders faster
  • Rally support knights with extra troop size so you can join rally attacks
  • Other knights can have extra troop gear if you want to have increase the number of troops you can deploy, or be ungeared or have random gear.
  • is a great resource for figuring out what gear will work best for you, best gear pieces for different attributes, where to find gear in campaign, hero info and more.

Different approaches:
  1. If you haven't played before or in a long time, it is probably best to send 1mil troops or less.
  2. Grail wars is a good place to use t5/t6 if you have strong rally setters and a good defense knight. You can also use mercenary troops like imps, mages, conjurers - but make sure you and your alliance plan ahead on this so you don't waste troops which are hard to replace.
  3. T3 are a good choice for smaller players who are focusing on hitting buff tiles. You can send a couple waves of t5 to support rallies if you want.

Send your strongest heroes even if that means you are sending 1 wagon with heroes from hospital city. All heroes who can march can potentially be useful in grail wars, even the seemingly useless ones can be sent on rally attacks. Play around with best setups for you - this changes as new heroes are introduced and as you level up heroes skills/fates. is a helpful resource.

Matching Opponents / Choosing Power Score
You will be assigned an opponent by the game. Teams are matched based on "power score" which factors the strength of the knights/heroes/troops/etc. deployed by all the members of the alliance for that specific game, not by alliance level or past performance. The points available in the match are determined by the combined power scores of the two teams. You can impact your power score by using specific strategies when you deploy.
  • "Deploying High" is a strategy which maximizes available points. Deploy highest tier troops with strongest knights and heroes.
  • "Deploying Low" is a strategy which maximizes chances of winning the match. Deploy strongest knights with 1 troop, deploy heroes and high tier troops with ungeared knights.

The Battle Begins!

How to Score Points
You get points for killing opponents' troops, for killing virtual troops in game tiles, and for holding special wonder tiles. Available points for buffs and wonders are determined by the combined power scores of the two teams, so vary from game to game.
  • Hit the buff tiles (armories, oases, pastures). Hit early in the war for maximum points. Hit unowned tiles as troops regenerate throughout the battle.
  • Hold great wonder - you get points based on how long you hold it. There is a point counter if you own it telling you how many points you have earned so far from the available points.
  • Hold small wonder(s) - you get points based on how long you hold it, and there is a points counter.
  • Hit opponents' outposts on your own.
  • Participate in alliance rally attacks on opponents' outposts (everyone who joins gets a share of the points).
  • Defend against opponents' attacks on your outpost.

Note: 75% of your troops are hidden at the beginning of the grail wars battle and they gradually unhide over the first hour. You can unhide completely in your outpost settings once the battle starts, or you can let them gradually unhide.

Grail Wars Jobs
You can have multiple jobs! But these are the main tasks:
  • Great Wonder - Hold the great wonder as much of the game as you can. This generally involves reconquering it after the other team takes it from you. Over and over and over.
  • Small wonders - Same as great wonder, but there are 16 of them and the points are lower.
  • Buff hitters/holders - The troops on buff tiles give points when killed, and owning the tile gives your whole alliance a buff. You can only hold/own 4 at a time. After that you can still get points for killing the troops on tiles, but can't conquer more.
    • Armories buff alliance attack stats
    • Oases buff alliance life stats
    • Pastures buff alliance speed stats

  • Rally setters (see below)
  • Rally supporters (see below)
  • Scouts/target testers - Hit outposts with a test hit and let ac know of possible targets for rally attacks.
  • 1 to 1 combat - For smaller targets, hit outposts with either an attack or mixed knight and kill their troops on your own.

Check alliance chat periodically to see if there are changes to plans.

Rally Attacks
Rally attacks are a very cool feature of GW. They allow one person with a very strong attack knight to schedule an attack, and 4 or more other players can join and send troops and heroes along, all led by the initiator's strong knight.

It is important that your team plan ahead for rally attacks. Each team will have different expectations, based on who is playing, level of alliance, strength of opponent, etc.

Some things to consider as a team:
  • You will have best results with rallies set by teammates who have very strong attack and/or mixed knights and heroes.
  • The more troops on the rally the stronger it will be, so rally supporters should create knights that can send extra troops. Decide as an alliance if you want a minimum number of troops from each supporter.
  • Just like in main worlds, heroes add a big punch. Decide whether to save heroes for key targets or send any which are rested.
  • Scout or gate check potential targets to decide your strategy. Different types of targets require different attack approaches. Are there imps? Lots of high tier troops? Mostly t3? In general, mixed attack knights are good for smaller targets, straight attack knights produce better results with bigger targets.
  • Communicate! Make sure everyone playing knows the plan going in, and check alliance chat frequently to share info and discuss potential changes to strategy.

Session Prizes
Prizes are automatically placed in your inventory at the end of the battle. You do not need to claim them.

Grail Wars Items
IMPORTANT! Buy these before gw deployment ends (and replenish right after gw ends) since shop is closed during gw.

Go to alliance tab, then scroll down to alliance shop. Buy max of the gw port, all hourglasses and all flaming and tempered items. You will need these in gw but can't buy them once deployment ends until after the war is over. Anyone who has gotten to battle to find they had no more ports or speeds knows it is not pretty...

Grail Wars Skills
In your outpost, you have the option to upgrade specific grail wars skills to enhance your game. As you progress to higher levels as an alliance, higher level skills will be unlocked. Upgrades require resources and individual merit. Some levels also require specific medallions which you can obtain in the round tower.
  • Outpost Rally - you start with the ability to send 10k troops per March and a maximum of 4 marches at a time, and can upgrade to send more marches and more troops per march. Tacticians medallions are needed for some upgrades.
  • Outpost Alliance Rally - this is only important for rally setters. You start with 4 Rally reinforcements able to join your rally and can upgrade to allow additional teammates to join. Strategists medallions are needed for some upgrades.
  • Outpost Embassy - you start with the ability to have 1 march reinforce you at a time. Ambassadors medallions are needed for some upgrades.
  • Outpost Barracks - you start off being able to deploy 10k extra troops on each march (in addition to whatever you can send based on your regular rally point level and any troop boosts from gear on your knight). Sergeants medallions are needed for some upgrades.

Alliance Skills
The Chancellor can use alliance merit to upgrade alliance skills which give permanent buffs in grail wars. As you progress to higher levels as an alliance, more and higher level skills will be unlocked.