Greetings Knights and Ladies from the North!

We developed a new tool for you to be able to change your password while outside of the game. You can also use it if you forget your password.

Please go to to use it! Do not use any other previous tool you were used to, those have no effect anymore! Only this new website is available from now on!

Here are a few tips on how to proceed:

1. This tool can be used for those 4 games at the moment.


2. You can use the "Forgot Password?" feature in the top right corner if you need.

a. This will lead you to this menu:

b. Type your email and the verification code and click on "Reset Password" to receive an email that will allow you to reset your password:

c. Click on the link to go to the reset password page:
(Remember that password needs to be between 7 and 20 digits, letters or a combination of both)

d. And you are all set!

e. What if the email linked to the game is a fake one, how can I reset my password?
You need to contact the customer service with the in-game function, or at [email protected] with the following information so we can update your email to a real one:
- User ID, the one found in the settings of the game
- If you cannot find your User ID, please provide your in-game name and server
- A new email address, so we can link that new address to your account
- Some information about your account, in order for us to verify it belongs to you::
Exact name, server, screenshots of the last two purchases of gems, approximate join date and last login date, current email, new email and new password.

3. You can log in using your game credentials.

a. Then you can click on Settings to access this menu:
- USERID is an ID shared by all of our games. IT IS NOT the User ID you can see when checking the settings in the game. You can just ignore that ID.
- EMAIL is self-explanatory. It is the email linked to your account. (If it is a fake email, please check section 2-e of this post)

b. You can click on "Update Password" to modify your game password:
(Remember that password needs to be between 7 and 20 digits, letters or a combination of both)

c. You are all set and ready to play!

Do not hesitate to contact the customer service if you encounter any issue!

Have fun in the game!
Gaea Mobile Team