Updates this week:

* Worked with Gaea staff to add iron plackarts back into the login calendar for July, in place of gear elixir.
* Confirmed with Gaea staff that upcoming release will feature open multiple chest feature and inventory optimization function suggested by community.
* King of KBN event was launched by Gaea.
* Blind competitions were tested in the KBN game.
* Tested knight rein solution created by Gaea and received expected results.

We submitted ideas for:
* Flash competitions for banners, troops, and plackarts
* A hard-to-get gear competition

On deck for this week are
* Suggestions (at Gaea's request) for:
. * Rehab of Climb the Tower Event
. * Rehab of Lion Game
. * New chests for shop
* Collecting player feedback on King of KBN event and pilot of blind competitions

Longer term:
* Update to Campaign

If you'd like to read more weekly updates, click here: http://community.gaeamobile.com/show...e-28-June-2016