First I'd like to state I have noticed that there just arent enough female avatars and thats kind of upsetting that the game is more of a mans game since women arent really accounted for. U came out with MALE Country avatars but was there 1 female avatar. No. Of course not. Im not the only one that feels this way as alot of female players agree.

Second a female dressed knight should not look like a male knight. The body is a manly body. I think whatever gear thats added to a female knight should be automatically resized to a womans figure.

And Third how about some sexy leather feminine gear for us Ladies that want to enjoy the game and feel sexy. Maybe some Catwoman looking gear. A new feminine design should be incorporated into the game. It would keep us from quitting since there's not that many options for us.This is not only a mans game. We females should be able to enjoy it just as much since were contributing our funds equally the same as men. Thank you for your time and I'll be waiting for a response.