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It's about time to leave - get your act together

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  • It's about time to leave - get your act together

    So after 3 years of playing, thousands spent and making an attempt to offer constructive ideas which mostly get no comment and are ignored, I've about had it. I keep thinking of quitting the game and Kabam makes the decision easier every day. We need a response to the issues raised and a change in how the game is structured. Here are the issues that need to be addressed:

    Cheating in the Game: There has been multiple threads on this topic, and although Kabam has said a few times that they are looking at it, it has been too long without some plan on how this is going to be dealt with.

    Come up with a plan and then enforce it.

    Cost of playing and value received: It is absolutely ridiculous that you offer the chests and odds that you do and not expect people to be frustrated and mad. The odds of winning good items in any chest are so low that I've stopped buying them. Some of these chests are so unreasonable that it might even be considered criminal to list the prizes as an option (million gem chest for example). This might even border on fraud to say that someone has a chance at winning these. How about providing realistic prizes that people can actually win. Some of these have appeared, but you still try to push the garbage at us.

    A big part of this is that the price of many troops has not changed as the game has evolved as well. When you can lose hundreds of millions (if not billions) in might in a single battle and it takes you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to replace it, you are scared of opening or fighting since the cost is too prohibitive. Campaign used to offer a fairly cheap way to get back some of the might, but that has now been removed. Troops should be cheap. If I spend $100, I should expect to get at least a couple of billion might. It doesn't cost you anything and people will still compete/pay to get good gear and other items. Lower the cost of troop only chests to a minimal amount. Who knows, you might even entice some non spenders into winning.

    Gear and Random Stats: The issue is that unless you spend enough to win massive amounts of these (and that is hard considering the cheating mentioned for TK and the post merge where all of the gemmers got merged together), you are screwed. Although I can see that the random stats on gear works to make Kabam money, but causes massive frustration and dissatisfaction. Especially for the smaller spenders who have almost no chance at getting good gear.

    Either lower the odds somewhat for the good random stats gear or come up with some different solution to allow people a chance. People are quitting because they can't compete and see no hope of ever being able to. This gear has been out long enough that it should not be this tough to get a good piece.

    The Wheel: Almost always garbage. And the big issue is that when you first came out with it, the grand prize was known (i.e. a pice or set of specific armor or some other prize). Now you have made it so that even the grand prize is random from good to very mediocre prizes. And guess what, typically, you always win the mediocre prize first and then if you are dumb enough to keep playing it, a middle tier prize. Get rid of the randomness so that people will actually want to win the grand prize and know what they are getting. And actually give out more than 2 or 3 tokens on the grab bags. If you buy 20 of those, you should expect to get 10 or 15 in at least 1 or 2.

    Merlin: This potentially has the least issue as far as how it works. The troops given out should be much larger though. One of the best ideas you came up with though was placing gems in Merlin. I will admit that the amount of gems you gave away in the beginning may have been too high, but there was nothing more thrilling than hitting merlin for 100 gems. I would add that back at reduced odds.

    The one thing you did bad in my opinion was change the grab bags for this. When you first came out with them, you could win up to 100 tokens and fairly often got 10, 25, 50 or 100. Now you decided to go with the unrealistic approach again (but at least people do win these on occasion) is 1000 tokens. But when you did that, you lowered the odds on winning anything other than 5 significantly. Just my opinion, but I would rather buy 20 and have a shot at winning maybe 200 or more than winning 1000 very infrequently and usually getting 100 tokens. When you give something that has a range of values that you can win, you should let people win in that range and not 99.9 at the bottom, very few in the middle and almost none at the top. People feel that they are getting value for their money

    Communication Talk to us and be honest. Don't blame the players for the mistakes that Kabam makes in designing the game. Admit it and let people know how you are going to rectify those mistakes. Saying that "for the integrity of the game", we are not going to do anything is old and people don't want to hear it anymore. Take action against players that cheat. Admit that you can't or wont fix some issues. Or just let us know the progress. Send notices about new features well before hand. Solicit input on testers for new features (developers can not test well, being a developer I know this), or provide a beta test server before releasing new features.

    Could probably find more to say, but will close it off here.

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    ?[Moved to Ideas]


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      So your latest attempt to distract players from these and other issues is doomed to failure. Unless you start to take the long view on how to retain a customer base by providing them a fun game that doesn't cost a second mortgage to play, you might as well write this (and the other games you have) off and just start the company over.
      People are dropping fast and leaving because they just can't take anymore.

      Here is another vain attempt at an idea to fix the gear imbalance. Not that I think you will listen to this one either.

      So Gear started to become majorly imbalanced with the addition of Debuf. The debug is so strong and so high on the latest random stat gear (filestorm) that any player who does not have this gear can not compete in any TK comp on attach or defense. I have what should be a reasonable attack knight. Over 1100 on attack and almost 500 on life debuf. I am hitting players now with 120K t3 troops that have almost 700+ on attack debuf and the same on life. These players do not lose even 1 troop when I hit them.

      When use a fury and try again, they lose less than 10k of t3 troops. So hitting these people I a at greater than a 10 to 1 loss. Closer to 15 to 1.

      And these people aren't flooded with hero rein so that is not the issue before you start down that road. And yes, I am sure these people are on skin, but even still, I should be able to kill at least 1 troop without a fury. And I do have my hero's at level 100 and assigned to get the maximum attack boost.

      With these kind of numbers, there is no way to compete. And many players do not even have a knight close to mine.

      So lower the value of the debuf. I don't expect to have a winning ratio (these people paid a lot to get the best gear and should be able to win), but the ratio I am getting now just means that I don't even want to try.

      The reverse also happens when getting hit by these people who have a super high life debuf. The ratio's are not quite as bad on defense though


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        Higher presence of debuff on randomized gear is just one little symptom, TheLip, and a very temporary one at that. Just think how many times new gear sets changed the balance to one side or another. New set of gear was just released, and another two are probably coming with the Purgatory thing. The real problem is in the general model of
        a) gear progression (strength raises too quickly), and
        b) slow price drops (average players can't obtain items until they are near useless)

        Many MMOs solve B by having a free trade economy; then prices are dictated by supply and demand, and new-ish items are easily attainable by most players very quickly (which reduces the demand for the "new new stuff", which makes people pay less real money).
        A is probably some kind of oversight on Kabam's side (or just another attempt to make the new shiny thing more valuable to spenders). When I started, I was told I needed to level up my knight ASAP, because otherwise I'd get trashed. What they meant by "trashed" was I'd get maybe 0.5 kill ratio. That's rather amusing now, considering that gear difference only can give you 100:1 ratio

        Ultimately it all boils down to how much pressure Kabam wants to put on spenders. And I guess we will see how much pressure the spenders can endure