Here my new idea for new type of KoC battles :
Capturing resources transfert

If a convoy is crossing a wild occupied by an neutral/hostile army, a fight is launched between the two forces. If the convoy loses the figth, resources are held by the wild's army. If the Wild's army loses the fight, the convoy continues it's way. And so on, until it reaches it's destination.

To ensure a convoy to reach it's destination, players must add troops.
To try to intercept a convoy, a player must place armies on wilds.
If the wild's army does not have conveyors, loot is kept on the wild, or moved to the city the wild's army came from in the limits of conveyors.
If a wild army loses a fight, loot is given to the winner, if he has enough conveyors, else, the remaining loots is destroyed.

It allows players to try to suffocate an opponent and calculate how many troops it worth.
It gives a reason to leave armies on wilds.
It forces player to add troops to convoys.
It gives new reason to fight !