Posted this in the wrong Kingdoms of Camelot forum. I think the games are different. Anyway, copy & paste:

Hey Kabam, I'd like to make a suggestion for the use of Divine Inspirations. It is way too easy to accidentally upgrade a lvl 9 building if u have any DIs lying around. I'd like to suggest that there be a pop-up confirming you want to use it instead of automatically using it. Also, if you should accidentally use it, I'd like to suggest that it be re-funded back to your items if the building was cancelled. I accidentally used 3 DIs and canceled the builds expecting that I would have them back into my items! I bought two and got one free for the Might Building challenge.

Devs: Is there any possibility that you can see my activity and refund the 3 DIs I don't have anymore? This really sucks that I lost that money and have nothing to show for it. I can really use those lvl 10 buildings.....Name is Turbo_Boost on Horsa11 World. Thank you.