I'm on my first server and I'm thoroughly enjoying this game and can't be happier with what it displays in warring and alliance comradeship. Many people complain about the hidden troops feature which I can understand from there view. Obviously having the feature completely nullified would not help the game hold players.

So here is my suggestion.....

The thought should not be remove "hidden troops," but to give an incentive to open the walls. Why open your wall if you or the knight do not receive ANYTHING more then might killed. So my thought is that there should be a reward on attacks that were successful. My idea is that the knight should receive experience for a battle won or per troop killed and in that being the only way a knight can continue to be leveled up after level 200; but, that should be the only way you can level up over 200.


There would need to be a length of time between a member of an alliance can be attacked or attack the alliance which the lord or lady or Camelot came from; so, for the sake or a person trying to level up by killing her alliance members troops or walls. Maybe 24 hours or even 72 hours to deter this.

Just a quick thought from a avid member of the community who really does not want to see this game fall due to this feature.

Gimme a thumbs up if you agree all !! *thumbs up*