After playing KoC for over a month, i have devised some ideas to make the game more organized and entertaining.

1. Voice Chat inside of alliance. This would be a feature that in the alliance chat, you can click a button and it will bring you into a voice over chat. At the top right would be a mute mic/sound button. Allow the chancellor to make rooms which he.she can password protect and name to what he likes. Also allow the chanc a "Mute Everyone" button so that no one else can talk while he/she is talking. This would make the game a lot more organized, seeing as typing on a little ipod gets extremely annoying.

2. A "Grant Permission" list. This would include two things. Firstly the rankings inside of alliances are messed up. Allow the Chancellor to make his/her own ranks, with their own names, choose what permissions the rank has (such as "Accept members" "Kick members" "Set Diplomacy"). Also allow him/her to assign that rank to as many people as he/she wants. The second part of this would be for everyone in the alliance. Someone can go into the members list, click someones name and choose "Set Permissions." The options would be: "Allow Marches" (lets the player who has the permission to click the person who set the permissions name, and send reinforcements/transports without entering cords) "Add as friend" which will be explained in the next suggestion.

3. Friends List: Shows when someone is online, comes online, is offline, and goes offline. This would be for all people in the game, not just between alliance members.

I look foward to seeing some great additions in this game, and i hope that mine may be one of them

EDIT: Forgot One! A delete alliance button, which automatically removes everyone in the alliance then deletes it. There is a glitch where if you send a app to a alliance, then get accepted into another, theres still a "member" that is supposedly you in the alliance. When the chanc tries to leave, it says he must give chanc away, but he/she is the only one there except the ghost member. So he/she is virtually stuck. This would fix that.