No one likes how the only way to get gold is from taxes or attacking people. I think you should make it to where having troops gives you gold. Why do I think this? In real life the king just didn't give people free food. I think that your troops should have to pay for your food per hour. I think that the gold that you earn per troop would be reasonable to make the income half of what your upkeep it. For example, a tier two troops has a 16 food upkeep. You should have a 8 gold income because that troop has to pay for the food you are giving! Please consider this. I think it is a very good idea and it makes no sense how this game MAKES you give your troops FREE food. Thank you.

Note: I spend a lot of money on this game because I like it a lot! I have the second city on TWO worlds. It would not be fair if you guys didn't evaluate this.

KingOreo, Chancellor of Knights of Camelot on Pendragon16. (rank 3)
KingOreo, member of the English Alliance on Galahad5. (rank 1)