I did a little calculation.. Correct me if I am wrong on this, but if u wanted to level everything in ur city to level 10 it would cost a lot of money. There is over 60 buildings and farm etc in each city. Currently there is the option for two cities. So let's round down to 100. To buy 100 Devine insp. you can buy 20 chests at 400 gems each. That is, 8000 gems. Buying packs of 1500. You need five of these. Again rounding down. £70 per pack so that is £350 for two cities. For four it more. Now I realise that most people won't level up many of the buildings, but if you wanted to even level a few it is expensive. I totally agree that dev team need money, but surely you would get ore by reducing the cost. If u reduced I would buy more but I can't justify spending that amount of money on gems when there are kids starving in the world.. ( I work for a charity). Please consider the cost of this game as it expands. Many people have spent a lot of money on one city and are now asked to do he same for second and later more cities.