I have play this game for around 7 months. There are great fun in this game at the most of time. However, I found that my server is way behind other server in terms of update and events. I am in Chinese Traditional 1, which started at April 2013. There are no any event in my server and we got only two city. Although some updates are available for us such as gear system, and the new round table, It is hard for us to get deeper into the chapter 3 in round table. I know that most of the servers have already the fourth or even the fifth city. There is a great different between us and other players, they have double rate of producing troops than us, have a hospital to reduce losses, may have the jewels embed system. Also, the events in other server provide many great chance for player to strengthen themselves and we don't have any event.

I love this game and I really really looking forward to the update and events in my server, It must induces more players to play! So, It is great that we can know when will some system be available for us in the future.

Server: Chinese Traditional 1
ID: ????